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So this week was a little ... tragic.

My company laid off 24%. About 40 or 45 people. I was not one of them this time, but still. It's nerve-racking. And more-so, it's really sad to see so many awesome people and workers go. One of the reasons I love my company so much is that the people there are like family. Alot of my family is gone now. It... yeah. very sad.

So, this is me putting feelers out in this space. Almost everyone is looking in the Boston area, except that two of the artists are also looking in Austin, TX. Here are some of the jobs people be looking for.

So, if you know of any open positions for any of the following positions...

FIVE artists. All of them are very very skilled in both 3-D and 2-D art. They have extensive knowledge of all the standard art softwares, and in addition, Flash. They are amazing at Flash, really. Great artists, amazing at both digital and traditional art.

A PERL developer. a software engineering position working in Perl or related languages on a Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X platform, in metro Boston along the Red or Green lines.

QA. I'm not sure her specialties, but QA.

Anyone with any leads, please to be contacting me. Thanks.

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A Day In The Life from Todd Page on Vimeo.

warning: boxers and nsfw lyrics.

I tried to record most of my day. I ran out of battery before the end of the day, and lord, it was easy to forget to record things. Still, an attempt is above. the morning has more coverage than the rest of the day. All the music is actually what I was listening to. And I made it with my cell phone. so. you know. low quality, whee.

MY DAY BEGAN LIKE MOST! In the morning, that is. I wake between 7 and 7:20 on the average day. However, this day had a special wake-up. See, after my normal first alarm went off, I heard a noise from the hallway and BAM! Attacked by the pooch. He may or may not have been operating on his hand the night before, and I may or may not have tickled him. I waited 'til he wasn't holding a knife, so it's totally fine, honest. Anyway, his revenge was to jump on me as I woke up. I love my apartment. We had a short discourse about his sleeping choices [the couch] and the fact that in the middle of the night he switched couches, rather than moving to his bed.

Now awakened, I traversed the stairs into my kitchen, where I promptly began the music. Lately I've been a bit obsessed with Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" a peppy song with rather angsty lyrics. With this song playing, I grooved around my kitchen, making my lunch for the day. A standard homemade lunch consists of: Carrots, yogurt, a bag of goldfish, and a peanut butter sandwich. Unless there are leftovers. Then there are leftovers. Today was a situation of the former. I talked with Jeff as I did so, and then, lunch made, and Mike done with our shower, jumped in said shower, before getting dressed and jumping out the door to walk to work!

My walk to work, as expressed before, is extremely pleasant. An extremely short .7 mile walk to the local T station, surrounded by puppies and people's. It's fall here in New England land, and the trees over the walk are yellow and red, and even on a gray morose morning, it is beautiful.

When I got to the T station, I sat on a bench to await the next train to the Alewife, and pulled out my new iPod from my friend Katie. See, it syncs automatically, and had picked up from my computer the episodes of The Fabulous Beekman Boys that I had downloaded. I upon noticing this, developed a new morning commute habit that I'm not really proud of. I've been watching the show on the T. And while I wait for the T. I mean, it's only 10 minutes or so, but it's a super amusing 10 minutes. The show is very amusing, but also really frustrating, as the main characters are kind've obnoxious and ignorant. Still, I enjoy it and their friends in the village are really hot, so I watch it. I think it's mostly because I enjoy being angry at them for their lack of farm knowledge. Or because a little part of me wants to live on a farm. Who knows, eh?

A T train came by, I excitedly got up, and it just KEPT going. Damn the express trains. I sat down, a bit sad, but soon got involved in the silly farm-gays mishaps, and forgot about it until the next train came. Happily seated on my train, I managed to polish off an episode before hopping off, switching back to music and walking to my office. I had no more than gotten to my desk when I was overcome with great joy.

You see, dear readers, yesterday. Yesterday was tuesday. You have heard tell of the glorious day upon which free bagels are delivered to our illustrious work community? THAT DAY IS TUESDAY.

Now there was a scary moment, when I arrived in the cafeteria. NARY A CINNAMON CRUNCH BAGEL WAS TO BE FOUND.

What was one to do? I gathered all my resolve and strength, and chose instead a french toast bagel. I am happy to report it was quite delicious, and I nommed it at my desk while I got some work done before the daily scrum.

A scrum is an agile thingy. Agile is this whole efficiency thing. A way to try and make sure we get stuff done. It's effective. Basically for the scrum everyone on the team gathers every morning for 15 minutes and says "this is what I did yesterday" and then "this is what I'll do today" and then if they have blockers. It's nifty, really.

This meeting done, I sat down at my coworker Savanna's desk, and had an important conversation about how thoroughly amazing both Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol are. We agreed that they were, in fact, our favorite renditions of both movie. My coworker's are awesome.

I went back to my desk and began to accomplish work! Currently I am working on a Safari themed slot machine. More specifically the bonus round, which involves riding in a jeep, with a camera, taking pictures of animals. We're using parallax animation, and I'm having fun coding it all.

I took a brief webcomic break in the morning, rifling through my google reader updates to find the new posts. In the new Questionable Content update I discovered... DUN DUN DUN... the first QC book was released! OBVIOUSLY this was something I needed. I'm a huge webcomic nerd, and I've read every one and this is a fun way to both accumulate a hardcover version and support the creator. While there I snapped a t-shirt I've been wanting for a while, but only one. Which is really kind've impressive given the amount of merch from webcomics I love on topatoco.

SOON LUNCHTIME CAME! A bunch of my coworkers and myself, walk across the street together, and then eat in the cafe in this building together. Having remembered to bring my lunch today, I picked up some mozzarella sticks because they were staring at me, and they were just like "oh todd, please won't you eat me!?" I couldn't resist. They were so cute and delicious. I checked out, and everyone else was still in line, and by the time they got out, they were GONE. Seriously.

Anywho, we trekked across the street. Chi-Yun and I talked about Matzuka's laugh. And how he was a pretty awesome character. I don't really remember yesterdays lunch conversation, but experience tells me that star wars came up at some point. I know I laughed alot and we had to refer to imdb at some point, but that's pretty much a daily thing here, really. One lunch time conversation involved trying to discover a way to, without defying physics, make a 30 foot deep ball pit that one could actually jump into. We're pretty classy.

Often after lunch, we will play video games for a bit. This can be any of a number of games, be it Left 4 Dead, Worms, or in the case of yesterday, Super Mario World. I watched as I have finished that game at home, and honestly, nowadays playing it stresses me out a little. It's fun though, I recommend it.

That being finished, the rest of the work day commenced. Until quitting time!

At quitting time, I popped on my iPod, and walked to the T. And then I realized I'd left my wallet at work, so I walked back. Yay. On my second return to the T, I realized I'd left my phone charger there, too, and decided I didn't really care.

On the T ride home, I knitted. This is a much better activity, although it gets me weird looks from pretty much everyone on the T. I think men knitting confuses people. Which is odd as they invented it, but whatever. I haven't particularly cared what anyone thought of me in a while.

Upon getting home, I discovered my roommate was there. He usually has meditation on tuesdays, so this was a surprise. I had rehearsal in an hour and a half, so I asked him if he wanted to play mariokart for an hour. He did, and so WE did. We played online with other people, which was new and fun.

Upon finishing I prepared the marinade for the dinner I was making that night, and put the pork in it. Then, Mike, who was driving to his girlfriend's to say hi, was leaving at the same time as me, and offered so nicely to give me a ride to my rehearsal!

Dynamite was playing in the car. I played along on my bone.

Rehearsal came! I was apparently cranky yesterday, alot of stuff got under my nerves. Our guitar player quit recently, and our tenor sax is on vacation so rehearsal was a bit sparse, and I think I was just sleepy. There were some other factors in the crankiness, but really, that's for me to work on.

By the end I was feeling a bit frustrated, and I turned on an album for the walk home. That album is one of the few entirely perfect albums in this world. From beginning to end, I cannot find a flaw with it. John Coltrane's Blue Train, ladies and gents. This album is essentially flawless.

I got home and began cooking my dinner, blasting Blue Train in the kitchen. Talked to Mike for a bit, then he played starcraft, and I just let coltrane wash over me while I made sweet and sour pork. It was like therapy. I felt so much better. I ate my dinner, and read some of my BONE anthology, and all of a sudden it was 11:30. Crazy!

But there was glee to be watched! And watch glee I did. I greatly enjoyed it, although I haven't seen Rocky Horror yet, and thus have no personal attachment to it, so I've no cause to get worked up like most people I know.

Jeff still hadn't come home, which was weird, but he works at a startup, so really not entirely unexpected. I decided to head up to bed, where I read for about 45 minutes and fell asleep.

Wow. How boring was this telling, huh? Apparently I'm just not in it. You're better off just watching the video.

Sorry. I'll be back on my game soon!

[Full list of questions]
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So today, in the shower, I was singing along with this song [Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z]:

Because I love Jay-Z, and let's face it, I'm mad gangsta.

Stop laughing.

Anyway! I noticed that the way Alicia Keys sings New York, it's the same number of syllables as Page Hardware, the store owned by my family where I spent 12 years of my life working. And I decided there needed to be a parody. So I have done my best to piece together the lyrics. I'm going to be tagging people in this who used to work there on facebook to get their input on it and some suggestions, and also seeing if any of them want to sing the chorus, 'cause hells yes I'm recording this.

Anyway, it amused me, and even though you probably dislike the song, and most of you don't know Page Hardware, I figured it might amuse you as much as it did me.

Enjoy or something!

Yeah we're up in Guilford
In the center of the green
At the hub of hardware: that's right 9 Boston Street
We're better than Home Depot, don't even mention Lowe's
If you need a house supply, we're the name everyone knows

Used to work the registers, now I'm on the back dock
Pricing, cleaning, building wagons, organizing over-stock
If you need some mixed paint, try the aisle in the rear
gloss, flat, satin name your color we can make it here

So you need a key made, cutting keys is what we do
Usually it's SC-1 but this time it's KW-2
Don't forget appliances, they can help you upstairs
They're the ones with clothing that come closest to formal wear

If you need to check out holla back to ray and pat
barcode slinging singing do you need a receipt with that
Customers be greeted with "How Can I Help You?"
Tell by my attitude that I most definetly work at

Page Hardware
Concrete, Sakrete, and we've got rock salt
We're all here to help you
You're in Page Hardware
If we're out just hold on for one sec
We'll write you a rain check
'Cause you're at Page Hardware, Hardware, Hardware

If it's summer time and you need you a wiffle bat
Fear not it's here maybe you need a kite to go with that
we've got your housewares, kitchen-aid or cuisinart
and the staff on hand can help you to tell the two apart

If you get a weber grill, we'll do free assembly
and most likely it's a contest so it'll be done quickly
If you can't afford it now, just wait for the scratch-and-dent
but get there early 'cause the line stretches around the tent

Maybe what you need's rare, but trust me we've heard of that
and if we haven't then it's certain Roger Tucker has
Hell you need a sign, we'll get it special made
Thanks to mister C-Bass we have all been trained

three bolts, number six closed thread flat head
yeah we've got that, and just in case we've got it pan head
Every kind of drill bit, a hammer with the nails to hit
any thing you want you can find it at your corner stop that's


Lights and outlets, copper pipe kits
if you go outside you'll find trash cans and trash lids
liners and brushes, rollers mixers sponges
profesional and pocket knives - things to kill off rodents

caught up in the rope aisle, cut your chains and wires
but nylons gotta be burned, s'all good we can do that
duct tape and pens we can cut glass on a whim
door mats, broom racks the store's filled with them

turtle wax pre-car trip, 6 outlet power strip
and for saving snacks a potato bag chip clip
All the gadgets you could ever really need for your kitchen
if we can't fix it now I bet a special order can

Buy an appliance we'll service it for it's whole life
And we'll deliver it, switch the door, save you pain and strife
Yes we're the little guy, but we got true values
and wal-mart ain't got one-half the heart that we do.


Spatula in the air while we sing this ditty
store fronts arranged so we're lookin' pretty
No store in the world that can compare
Put your gadgets in the aiiiirrr
everybody say yeeaaahhhhh

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Hey Interwebs !

So. Big news. Two weeks ago tomorrow I gave my two weeks notice. As many who have gotten to hear me bitch in real life know, this is exciting. I am not in love with my current job. Equally exciting is the fact that I will be, on February 16th, returning to my former position at CIDC in Cambridge. I was laid off from there March 31st, got this job May 7th, and have been missing them ever since. Long story short I was told if I wanted to go back I'd be able to. I did, and now I am! Hooray!

And now you're thinking. Todd! There are two whole weeks plus a few random days in between January 27th and February 16th! What are you going to do with that stretch of time? Hopefully something reckless and awesome?

YES, Interwebs ! I AM doing something reckless and Awesome. Introducing the Tour de THP '10!

Yes ! in that time period I am drivin' all aboot the U.S. in the fashion shown above, on the following schedule based on where I will be on which night:
  • 29: Albany
  • 30, 31: Chicago
  • 1, 2: St. Louis
  • 3: Dallas
  • 4: Austin
  • 5: San Antonio
  • 6, 7: New Orleans
  • 8: Atlanta
  • 9: Raleigh / Durham, N.C.
  • 10: Washington, D.C.
  • 11: Baltimore
  • 12: Philadelphia, PA
  • 13: NYC ?Still in decision mode?

I am looking forward to meeting / Re-meeting a bunch of lj folks along the way. It should be awesome. I know the schedule's aggressive - but so am I. Well. No. That's not true. But I am enthusiastic and determined!

I'm going to connect my high-falutin' phone to my flickr account over this time and post the occasional from - the-road photo and video. I may upload a photo or two from my real camera, but most likely that will wait 'til I return.

If you think I'm so excited I am doing a total dance right now. You are absolutely correct. This is three bits of effing awesome news.

Lock and load, LJ. Get ready, country.
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Day 215/365 [Year 2]

Work + flash playing

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Day 197/365 [Year 2]

Work computer friends.

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Day 196/365 [Year 2]

During lunch breaks I sit on the lawn and read, which is kind've nice.

Recently I've been reading the Rabbit books by John Updike, which I'm pretty much in love with.

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Day 195/365 [Year 2]

I feel like when I wear these short sleeve plaid shirts buttoned up I'm channeling the cleavers, or Henry Alden or something.

Does this mean I have to start saying things like "Gee Whiz!" more often?

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Day 191/365 [Year 2]

Second day at work.

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Day 190/365 [Year 2]

First day at the new job.


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Day 149/365 [Year 2]

Playing with my new 50mm.


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Day 232/365 [Year 2]

March is apparently question month. To ask me a question, post a comment here: toddpage.livejournal.com/370916.html [comments are screened]

All questions: Here

Question 9: What made you choose the career you're in? Do you like it? If no, what else would you rather be doing?

This is kind've a fun question because it's beginning makes people go "whu-huh?"

I started college as a Secondary English Education major. I wanted to teach American Literature. Very specifically: I wanted to teach American Literature to the juniors at Notre Dame High School. Not that I was specific or anything. I love Am-Lit. Alot. I still pursue and re-read it [and my notes on it] often. But our program at PC was very Brit-Lit focused. By this I mean there was only one Am-Lit course in the very large and filled criterion.

Nothing against Brit-lit, it's just not for me. I like alot of it, but I have no interest in teaching it. I want to teach the novels that I like best. I scheduled a meeting with the head of the department, and was informed that, no, they would not consider subbing some am-lit courses in for the brit-lit courses. So, I decided it was time to consider a change. I thought about it, and the fact that I had always wanted to go into Law Enforcement. Specifically, I had been interested in being a detective, but at this time I focused on the FBI. It seemed something I was capable of, and I KNEW it was something I was interested in. So I threw myself into that interest full force and found out everything I could about it, and how to get into it.

Turns out the FBI, CIA, and all the other higher-level government agencies are crying out for one skillset in particular: Comp-Sci majors. I've always gotten along well with computers. I built my box I brought to school, My parents had a dos machine that I learned to master better than them. I used to pick up old machines and figure out how they worked, inside and out... then try to hack them. I'd figured my way around telnet, and had a very good grasp on the internet and most computer functionings. I had always wanted to learn how to code, but had never had the time and/or materials.

So, I became a CS major! And boy, while I never would've saw it coming, I really am glad that I did. I loved my major and my department. I missed writing papers, but coding is so much fun. Me and Jeff talk about this often. It's like solving puzzles all day long! You start to think differently, you start to break everything down into little baby steps. It really does adjust your worldview. Homework was sitting in the lab with friends and making things happen. I'd figure out a puzzle, essentially a challenge of logic, and colors, lines, figures would occur. And though it would drive me crazy to figure out how to make it happen... when it did I'd DONE that, and I'd succeeded. It's very rewarding to be able to see the rewards of your work as soon as you finish it.

I'd kinda forgotten the FBI thing in my excitement, and anyway, you need 3 years full time job experience before you can apply, so I started applying to random jobs last January. Anything CS related, but specifically I wanted to do some flash stuff. I'd taken one course in it, but had enjoyed it. So I tried to focus on that. Everyone looks for people with 5 years experience, but I sent my resume out anyway. One company that wanted 3 years responded, and I got an interview. I thought I'd done AWFUL. Literally, horribly. I did very well at the logic puzzles, but they asked me to do some C++ stuff, and I was a little rusty in that.

Apparently not, they offered me a job! Thats how I ended up here. And I mean, c'mon, I write flash games for an online casino. All gambling not being cool shit aside, that's pretty slick. And I really do love it here. My work is [usually] stimulating and challenging. I still get to solve puzzles everyday, and my coworkers are really great people. There are few people here I dislike, and most of them are downright cool. How often do you get to have nerf battles at work? Plus, I have time on the side to shoot, do theatre, and get together with friends and other folks. I can wear street clothes, and come and leave when I want [as long as I get my work done].

Having spent alot of time hating my job... this is a gloriously nice change. I'm very happy here. Do I think it's what I'll be doing for the rest of my life? I'm not sure. I like it, but I still have pipe dreams of some other fields... I'd like to do some more proffesional Technical Direction [theatre] work, I'd like to learn how to do lighting design and see if I like that as much I think I would... and I'd like to do some more master carpentry stuff. And there's the photographer bit... but I strongly feel I can pursue that in addition to my work. Simply a matter of scheduling. Honestly there is far too much I'm interested in.

But for now, and I imagine, for a while, I'm very happy where I am, in this job and in this field. I think it's really interesting and alot of fun. Truth be told, I'm almost surprised by how much I enjoy it.

[Apparently I'm pretty loquacious]

[Oh, and the business card with writing on it? I listen to music all day long... when a lyric stands out to me, I write it on that card. It's fun.]

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Day 206/365 [Year 2]

Went out with coworkers for food and booze.

A delicious meal... I'm still in my vegetarian weeks, so I had pineapple and sweet potato rolls.

Sounds odd... it was delicious.

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Day 196/365 [Year 2]

This week at work... is going to suck.

[I can tell you midweek, it's been the most exhausting work week I've had yet.]

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So. I just thought I'd throw this link out there.

I work with an artist named Chi-Yun Lau... and he's pretty damn slick.

The latest proof being this:

Check out more of his work at http://chi-yun.com

In addition to work for us on the casino, Chi-Yun regularly does illustrations for some Boston Publications, and the Beer Advocate. He is also working on several comic projects at this time.
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Day 177/365 [Year 2]

Introducing Bob Cahill, our CEO.

I was asked to take some shots of him for various events and publications.

This is one of them.


[I'm like a week behind... slowly but surely getting there, though!
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Day 176/365 [Year 2]


The things we do in my office.

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Day 173/365 [Year 2]

Again, nerf battles reign our office.

You never can tell here at CIDC

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365 Photos coming at some point.

Scanning negatives tomorrow morning or late tonight.

But I needed to share this, because I thought it was hilarious.

If you don't know about boston.com's big picture, change that, stat.

Beautiful photos; every few days.

Today my coworker sent me a link, referring me to the last image, explaining that it was me in 30 years


The Image )

I thought it was pretty hilarious. It pretty much made my morning.
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...so these aren't from my camera.

TONS under the cut

instead, there some of the ones that I got during my spring break. I've only edited about half of them so far. i'll do the rest laters.

I'm working on getting some of them onto el Flickr.

moon over my hammy

playing with the timer and such things

There's so many freaking taxis at the train station- these aren't even half of them

Sitting at the front(back?) of the train



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