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Day Nineteen

Zakim Bridge
Boston, MA
Canon FT QL
FujiColor Pro 400H

I love my city to death, and the Zakim is one of it's bigger landmarks. I'll get some more shots over the course of this project but here's one while driving over it. Words cannot entirely explain just how proud I feel just driving over a bridge into Boston.

Love that Dirty Water, OH BOSTON you're my home.

Downtown Boston
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A lot of life changes lately.

On Wednesday I move! I have lived at my current Apartment for 2.5 years, since I graduated from College. It was my first ever apartment, and I really like it. But I am very excited about every aspect of my new place. My roommates are 2 of my best friends, the place is huge and has an amazing location. It will be an awesome year.

It is crazy how much I have changed, lived, and experienced while living in this apartment.

I decided to do a video recording of my first ever apartment for my own documentation sakes, and y'all can consider it a tour, if you want. [Also the first time most of you will hear my voice.]

And here is what happens when In The Heights comes on while I'm packing.

I should totally play Usnavi. You know it.

I just wanted to show off my mad rap skills. Word. [Dear Mr. Lin-Manuel. You know you want to cast me.]

Seriously though. When I am packing and this comes on, all packing stops, and all singing begins.


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