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Day Twenty Three

Guilford, CT
Canon FT QL
FujiColor Pro 400H

My dad bought this little guy for their fridge - every time you open the door it says something in Japanese. Too cute.
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Day 236/365 [Year 2]

Today was the 4th of July, my favorite holiday.

Love spending time with my family.. especially all my younger cousins.

This is also the shot I used for class this week. The assignment was to show what 4th of July was to us.




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Day 235/365 [Year 2]

Home for the 4th Weekend.

My favorite holiday.

My sister is obsessed with fireworks and got some huge ones on her way home... which we promptly lit off in my back yard.

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Day 178/365 [Year 2]

Fonicello's is dead. Weird.

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Day 177/365 [Year 2]

Sachem's Head. Again.

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Day 176/365 [Year 2]

Modern APizza.

Best in the world. [Hush you, pepe's is subpar to Modern.]


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Day 175/365 [Year 2]



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Day 174/365 [Year 2]

Sachem's Head


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One of my favorite songs, ever. Yes. I like country, judge away.
Listen to it. Listen to the lyrics:: Garth Brooks - Standing outside the Fire

Speaking of Standing outside the fire. Last night was another smores night.
I'm not going to adjust the order cause I'm feeling lazy, and I made alot, cause its fun for all of us to remember with.

The cast? Bob, Liz ([livejournal.com profile] lizerspitz), Nora ([livejournal.com profile] scififlickchic), Laurzor! (Lauren) ([livejournal.com profile] aphoticlife), Rocky (Matt), and Aly (usually allie and Lloyd come, but they were unable)

I'll probably add captions in the first view to clarify who is who. But from then on, I'll be mostly lazy

From left to right: Fire.

From left to right: Bob, Nora, Liz, Lauren

From left to right: Laurzor, Aly, Rocky (Matt) (teehee whats wrong with this picture?)

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As an aside: Mythbusters? So quality. Sooo quality. (And know, its not just cause of the goatees)

If you missed this smores night: There will be one on the beach near URI at some point, for definite.

Next confirmed guaranteed gathering: Harry Potter release, midnight July 21st. Ye-hah!
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Click The Music to listen to it. I'll try to make that possible by hotlinking music other people have uploaded. Aren't I nice? Eider way, tonight its "Hurt" by Johnny Cash - an awesome and powerful song.

Right... so I suppose I should update this. (P.S- when you press enter outside of this box, it automaticly posts... how annoying.


Relay went very, very well. Our team raised 2,500, I met my goal, and our school, whose goal was 55,000 raised 94,450. 00 All of this is amazing, to me anyway. Our team also recieved a prize for being the most spirited. They limited it to 5 teams, and then each team had to make a cheer, and ours was the bestest. It was a really good night. I walked the entire time, excepting 1 hour. Most of the time I walked barefoot. As you can imagine, I felt a bit of pain afterwards - but it was totally worth it. I think its also worth the time to note that during the rejects workshop, although I was running, jumping, and stomping, I felt no pain. Improv heals.

Speaking of Improv, we (Harry Houdini's Box of Doom - the long form Improv group I'm in) had a show on thursday, which went fantasticly well, making it one of the better days I've had in a while. I've been trying to find some lost improv-ers in CT to try and get something together with this summer. You know... in my 3 minutes of free time. To sum up:

Improv Heals & is all things good.

I've been considering deeply whether or not I'm going to bother trying out for Rejects on the Rise next year. On the one hand, I'm getting better - on the other hand is it just kindof sad to try out three years in a row? I don't know- I've got plenty of time to decide.

this is ending up being a lot longer than I really intended. Eider vay- heres some pictures. theres a new one on Flickr, but I think y'all've seen it.

The Set to Brian's show - Bunk Bed Brothers - it was hilarious

Disco Ball's gotta be free! To run in the wild, to slide down slides!

I just liked the Depth of Field
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...so these aren't from my camera.

TONS under the cut

instead, there some of the ones that I got during my spring break. I've only edited about half of them so far. i'll do the rest laters.

I'm working on getting some of them onto el Flickr.

moon over my hammy

playing with the timer and such things

There's so many freaking taxis at the train station- these aren't even half of them

Sitting at the front(back?) of the train



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