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The Beatles: http://youtu.be/XNnaxGFO18o

That F is a little sharp! They both need work, but the swung one needs more! I need to attack some beginning notes better!

The entire point of this project is to improve, and if nothing else, the self-observations I'm getting are helping in scores.

The goal of this project is to play every song in the real book, and to improve my tone and overall skills as a trombone player in the process. Eventually I'd love to get some kind of comping or background, or... some way to make this more than just a reading of a lead sheet. For now though, this works! Thanks for coming along for the ride!
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Walter Wanderly Trio version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbHkgWD3gk4
Johnny Mathis version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBSaMazf9a8

This one is not quite where I want it yet, but I'll try again

The goal of this project is to play every song in the real book, and to improve my tone and overall skills as a trombone player in the process. Eventually I'd love to get some kind of comping or background, or... some way to make this more than just a reading of a lead sheet. For now though, this works! Thanks for coming along for the ride!
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Because clearly, as I can barely keep up with posting my photo project, what I needed was a new, video based one.

John Coltrane version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecrE80rnjhw
Frank Sinatra version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkWplI8fOyM

The goal of this project is to play every song in the real book, and to improve my tone and overall skills as a trombone player in the process. Eventually I'd love to get some kind of comping or background, or... some way to make this more than just a reading of a lead sheet. For now though, this works!
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The Original

Rude Mechanical Orchestra's Version

Note that they use the same choreography mostly. This amuses me.

It's not a great song, but the RMO version has made me in love with it.
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A Day In The Life from Todd Page on Vimeo.

warning: boxers and nsfw lyrics.

I tried to record most of my day. I ran out of battery before the end of the day, and lord, it was easy to forget to record things. Still, an attempt is above. the morning has more coverage than the rest of the day. All the music is actually what I was listening to. And I made it with my cell phone. so. you know. low quality, whee.

MY DAY BEGAN LIKE MOST! In the morning, that is. I wake between 7 and 7:20 on the average day. However, this day had a special wake-up. See, after my normal first alarm went off, I heard a noise from the hallway and BAM! Attacked by the pooch. He may or may not have been operating on his hand the night before, and I may or may not have tickled him. I waited 'til he wasn't holding a knife, so it's totally fine, honest. Anyway, his revenge was to jump on me as I woke up. I love my apartment. We had a short discourse about his sleeping choices [the couch] and the fact that in the middle of the night he switched couches, rather than moving to his bed.

Now awakened, I traversed the stairs into my kitchen, where I promptly began the music. Lately I've been a bit obsessed with Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" a peppy song with rather angsty lyrics. With this song playing, I grooved around my kitchen, making my lunch for the day. A standard homemade lunch consists of: Carrots, yogurt, a bag of goldfish, and a peanut butter sandwich. Unless there are leftovers. Then there are leftovers. Today was a situation of the former. I talked with Jeff as I did so, and then, lunch made, and Mike done with our shower, jumped in said shower, before getting dressed and jumping out the door to walk to work!

My walk to work, as expressed before, is extremely pleasant. An extremely short .7 mile walk to the local T station, surrounded by puppies and people's. It's fall here in New England land, and the trees over the walk are yellow and red, and even on a gray morose morning, it is beautiful.

When I got to the T station, I sat on a bench to await the next train to the Alewife, and pulled out my new iPod from my friend Katie. See, it syncs automatically, and had picked up from my computer the episodes of The Fabulous Beekman Boys that I had downloaded. I upon noticing this, developed a new morning commute habit that I'm not really proud of. I've been watching the show on the T. And while I wait for the T. I mean, it's only 10 minutes or so, but it's a super amusing 10 minutes. The show is very amusing, but also really frustrating, as the main characters are kind've obnoxious and ignorant. Still, I enjoy it and their friends in the village are really hot, so I watch it. I think it's mostly because I enjoy being angry at them for their lack of farm knowledge. Or because a little part of me wants to live on a farm. Who knows, eh?

A T train came by, I excitedly got up, and it just KEPT going. Damn the express trains. I sat down, a bit sad, but soon got involved in the silly farm-gays mishaps, and forgot about it until the next train came. Happily seated on my train, I managed to polish off an episode before hopping off, switching back to music and walking to my office. I had no more than gotten to my desk when I was overcome with great joy.

You see, dear readers, yesterday. Yesterday was tuesday. You have heard tell of the glorious day upon which free bagels are delivered to our illustrious work community? THAT DAY IS TUESDAY.

Now there was a scary moment, when I arrived in the cafeteria. NARY A CINNAMON CRUNCH BAGEL WAS TO BE FOUND.

What was one to do? I gathered all my resolve and strength, and chose instead a french toast bagel. I am happy to report it was quite delicious, and I nommed it at my desk while I got some work done before the daily scrum.

A scrum is an agile thingy. Agile is this whole efficiency thing. A way to try and make sure we get stuff done. It's effective. Basically for the scrum everyone on the team gathers every morning for 15 minutes and says "this is what I did yesterday" and then "this is what I'll do today" and then if they have blockers. It's nifty, really.

This meeting done, I sat down at my coworker Savanna's desk, and had an important conversation about how thoroughly amazing both Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol are. We agreed that they were, in fact, our favorite renditions of both movie. My coworker's are awesome.

I went back to my desk and began to accomplish work! Currently I am working on a Safari themed slot machine. More specifically the bonus round, which involves riding in a jeep, with a camera, taking pictures of animals. We're using parallax animation, and I'm having fun coding it all.

I took a brief webcomic break in the morning, rifling through my google reader updates to find the new posts. In the new Questionable Content update I discovered... DUN DUN DUN... the first QC book was released! OBVIOUSLY this was something I needed. I'm a huge webcomic nerd, and I've read every one and this is a fun way to both accumulate a hardcover version and support the creator. While there I snapped a t-shirt I've been wanting for a while, but only one. Which is really kind've impressive given the amount of merch from webcomics I love on topatoco.

SOON LUNCHTIME CAME! A bunch of my coworkers and myself, walk across the street together, and then eat in the cafe in this building together. Having remembered to bring my lunch today, I picked up some mozzarella sticks because they were staring at me, and they were just like "oh todd, please won't you eat me!?" I couldn't resist. They were so cute and delicious. I checked out, and everyone else was still in line, and by the time they got out, they were GONE. Seriously.

Anywho, we trekked across the street. Chi-Yun and I talked about Matzuka's laugh. And how he was a pretty awesome character. I don't really remember yesterdays lunch conversation, but experience tells me that star wars came up at some point. I know I laughed alot and we had to refer to imdb at some point, but that's pretty much a daily thing here, really. One lunch time conversation involved trying to discover a way to, without defying physics, make a 30 foot deep ball pit that one could actually jump into. We're pretty classy.

Often after lunch, we will play video games for a bit. This can be any of a number of games, be it Left 4 Dead, Worms, or in the case of yesterday, Super Mario World. I watched as I have finished that game at home, and honestly, nowadays playing it stresses me out a little. It's fun though, I recommend it.

That being finished, the rest of the work day commenced. Until quitting time!

At quitting time, I popped on my iPod, and walked to the T. And then I realized I'd left my wallet at work, so I walked back. Yay. On my second return to the T, I realized I'd left my phone charger there, too, and decided I didn't really care.

On the T ride home, I knitted. This is a much better activity, although it gets me weird looks from pretty much everyone on the T. I think men knitting confuses people. Which is odd as they invented it, but whatever. I haven't particularly cared what anyone thought of me in a while.

Upon getting home, I discovered my roommate was there. He usually has meditation on tuesdays, so this was a surprise. I had rehearsal in an hour and a half, so I asked him if he wanted to play mariokart for an hour. He did, and so WE did. We played online with other people, which was new and fun.

Upon finishing I prepared the marinade for the dinner I was making that night, and put the pork in it. Then, Mike, who was driving to his girlfriend's to say hi, was leaving at the same time as me, and offered so nicely to give me a ride to my rehearsal!

Dynamite was playing in the car. I played along on my bone.

Rehearsal came! I was apparently cranky yesterday, alot of stuff got under my nerves. Our guitar player quit recently, and our tenor sax is on vacation so rehearsal was a bit sparse, and I think I was just sleepy. There were some other factors in the crankiness, but really, that's for me to work on.

By the end I was feeling a bit frustrated, and I turned on an album for the walk home. That album is one of the few entirely perfect albums in this world. From beginning to end, I cannot find a flaw with it. John Coltrane's Blue Train, ladies and gents. This album is essentially flawless.

I got home and began cooking my dinner, blasting Blue Train in the kitchen. Talked to Mike for a bit, then he played starcraft, and I just let coltrane wash over me while I made sweet and sour pork. It was like therapy. I felt so much better. I ate my dinner, and read some of my BONE anthology, and all of a sudden it was 11:30. Crazy!

But there was glee to be watched! And watch glee I did. I greatly enjoyed it, although I haven't seen Rocky Horror yet, and thus have no personal attachment to it, so I've no cause to get worked up like most people I know.

Jeff still hadn't come home, which was weird, but he works at a startup, so really not entirely unexpected. I decided to head up to bed, where I read for about 45 minutes and fell asleep.

Wow. How boring was this telling, huh? Apparently I'm just not in it. You're better off just watching the video.

Sorry. I'll be back on my game soon!

[Full list of questions]
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A lot of life changes lately.

On Wednesday I move! I have lived at my current Apartment for 2.5 years, since I graduated from College. It was my first ever apartment, and I really like it. But I am very excited about every aspect of my new place. My roommates are 2 of my best friends, the place is huge and has an amazing location. It will be an awesome year.

It is crazy how much I have changed, lived, and experienced while living in this apartment.

I decided to do a video recording of my first ever apartment for my own documentation sakes, and y'all can consider it a tour, if you want. [Also the first time most of you will hear my voice.]

And here is what happens when In The Heights comes on while I'm packing.

I should totally play Usnavi. You know it.

I just wanted to show off my mad rap skills. Word. [Dear Mr. Lin-Manuel. You know you want to cast me.]

Seriously though. When I am packing and this comes on, all packing stops, and all singing begins.
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Some more videos of the brass band I'm in.

Blues March


We played a gig last thursday at the lily pad, and got these videos. Our next gig is Thursday, July 8th at 8:00 PM in the Cantab [downstairs. Club Bohemia]. Wheee!

Dirty Water

Jun. 8th, 2010 12:00 pm
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OH, BOSTON you're my home!

This here is my band playing at our last gig at the cantab. I'm the one with a trombone.
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I could watch this all day.

It helps that it's one of my favorite songs.

Haunting and beautiful.

I think the choreography is pretty awesome.
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Salvation MP3 [off of Come and Get It]

I apologize for the poor sound quality in both videos, and reccomend you listen to the mp3's instead.

Westbound Train is a band, who, when queried for the genre, I usually say "The perfect sunday morning music". They're locals to the Boston area, though they are slowly spreading their name elsewhere. They've toured much of the U.S., and recently made their way through Europe. They will be on this summers Warped tour, adding another band to the list of bands I would love to see at Warped, but don't feel like swimming through scores of teenagers to do so.

They have a smooth soulful groove, embraced and supported with a laid-back, but full-force horn line, that provides everything from funk lines to skankin' reggae beats. The casual vocals of Obi Fernandez [also the band's trombonist] lead the bands easy to listen style, and assist the calm style of the band as a whole. His vocal style reveals something that is extremely important to me: that he truly feels his lyrics, that they are deep inside of him.

I first encountered them 4 years ago, as a opener for Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish at a concert in Massachusetts. I've been hooked ever since, and find their music to be perfect for a relaxing day, whether your focusing on their hip casual sound, or letting it roll in the background to whatever you're doing.

I'm No Different MP3 [Off of Transitions]

I bring them up today because I just got their most recent album [Released April 21st], titled Come As You Are, and I have been playing it in the background all morning. I had been listening to their previous album, Transitions, on my commute when I remembered there was some new material to investigate, and it does not disappoint. Moving swiftly from soul to funk to 60's style ska/reggae to groove the album contains easy harmonies and smooth, full sounding horns. They have a soulful feel that you rarely hear today, and an infectious feel that you can't help but enjoy. Their cohesive sound is just that: cohesive. The band works together, and blends together perfectly, providing a smooth, easy sound that is far from vanilla.

Band Website
Download Come and Get it: amazon || itunes
Download Transitions: amazon || itunes
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Anyone who has been with me for longer than 2 months or so has, at some point, heard me gush about my favorite band, Streetlight Manifesto.

They recently got on a TV show. And they're gonna be on another soon. His voice is a bit more grunged than usual on this, but it's still effing awesome.

Especially enjoy the sax solo around 2:50.

One of the reasons I love them so much? They're as tight in concert as they are on CD.

If anyone would like to hear some more, let me know and I'll share some musics.
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Presents Harry Houdini's Emergency Room!:

Thanksgiving show.

Games Played
Storyteller (5:10)
Snatch (25:43)
Slackers (45:37)

The story at the beginning is true, by the way.

Wish you could see the quirks of my storyteller character... it was one of my better ones, although really weird. This snatch is pretty awkward thanks to our questions... the new snatch is far improved.

What you can't hear during the piano: Suzie decides to sacrifice the baker's wife cause she was useless, then changes her mind and decides to instead, gather everyone and dance in a circle... hten the money fell from the sky killing everyone else, (I stepped in the temple)

halloween show )

To include:
NEW IMPROVED SNATCH! Now with less annoying short form stylings! We're actually sticking to 3 storylines and it works so much better. I can't stand watching some of our old snatches.
3 Act No wait, not play, but musical. Bring your ear-plugs.

Last chance to see us this year! GO!

For those of you who don't know, Harry Houdini's Box of Doom is PC's one and only Long Form Improv Group.


Jun. 6th, 2007 09:45 am
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Summer is in full swing, and this cubs mind is back to the parkour grindstone. I suck at timing things right with the self timer, but I managed to get a few decent shots of the PK training

Right now I'm listening to: Tim McGraw - Somthing Like That (yeah, I killed the music streak, I know)

And you all need to watch this video (Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice ((thanks meg for the link)) ) Christopher Walken. Aparently he choreographed it himself, too! It reminds me a little bit of the Since I left you video

Theres some nice spots on campus to try new stuff

I like the stadium

I've got to find some taller walls though

And that was PK training. And I got into the pool. sweet.

Today is moms schools show - Seussical, which I'm shooting for the directors portfolio. Almost forgot about it. Should be a good time.... plus it means I get to go to modern. Fuck yeah - best pizza in new haven... which means best pizza.. period. (Don't you new yorkers even try)

And I got good news from the Kingston Volunteer Fire Department meeting with them tomorrow night to discuss getting involved. W00T!
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The Show wen't really really well last night. I set up my camera to the side and recorded it for anyone whos interested (mine isn't the legit recording for the PIF application). Please remember though: watching a video of improv isn't nearly as funny as watching improv. It's the spontaneity and the live energy that makes it awesome.

That being said, we rocked the house! You may have to turn the volume up. Sorry about the image quality.

Yessir. It is ALL made up on the spot. And completely and totally ridiculous.

We played three games. (Remember, we're LONG FORM not short form. It's different (better and harder) than short form (which is what you see on Whose Line and most improv places)

1: 3 Act Play - begins at 2:40, ends at 26:06 - game premise: Given an item by the audience, one person begins a play in three acts following the socratic rules of play: The location is not allowed to change, neither are characters played.

2: Slackers - begins at 26:20, ends at 34:51 - game premise: Given a location by the audience, 2 people begin a scene. at some point, an item is given from one character to another. This character leaves, and enters a scene with another character and passes the item on. This continues until the original character comes back and is given the item back.

3: Harold (RANT) - begins at 35:10, ends at 54:42- game premise: given a suggestion from the audience, 3 rants on the item are given, which leads to a variety of scenes based on the ideas brought up in the rants. different characters, scenes, anything goes. When an improver walks in front of a scene he is wiping it and beginning a new one with whomever else (s)he chooses

And in other news! Relay for life tonight! Our team (PC Pirates: Treasure hunt for the cure - 10 people) has raised 3,440 dollars. woot!


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