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Day 242/365 [Year 2]

My last day in Chicago! Sad. Started off by going to the convention center to attend a brunch in which they present the stonewall book award. Which was pretty neat. There were some terribly impactive moments, and I learned about a plethora of books I probably never would have. A little more wandering of the exhibition hall, and we found ourselves walking up the lake from the center to the Planetarium. A lovely sunny walk, and another chance to simply enjoy Chicago and relax. By the time we had wandered back it was just about time to pick up our bags and head off - Lewis to dinner with a friend, then Joanne's house, and I to the airport for my ride home. It was a wonderful trip.


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Day 241/365 [Year 2]

Today began with a bagel and a bus zooming past me - as a result, I went to the field museum instead of the museum of industry and science. Never to fear, I am very much intending on a return visit to Chicago in my future. The field museum was great!
A little kid-crowded, but some fun exhibits, and honestly I didn't care about some of them, but holy crap the dinosaurs were awesome, as was an exhibit on photography from the civil rights movement. Those two alone made the museum admission worthwhile. After finishing I wandered out and looked at the line for the aquarium. I've heard phenomenal things about it - but I wasn't about to wait 45 minutes just to get in, plus I really prefer to just wander and explore cities without an agenda, rather than tourist it up. So I did that. I wandered up the lake aimlessly - took a little nap in the sun along the way - and enjoyed the sun, buildings, water, and people. When I realized I was near the hancock building, I decided to wander to that and go up it, having heard it's view is better than the newly ledge-enabled sears tower. The view was beautiful, and it was awesome that they had screen windows on one side. I swear you guys - I fell in love with Chicago this weekend. After this I toddled [see what I did there?] back down and walked my way back to the hotel through the city. I had missed the ability to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] mikiedoggie during the day, but he joined Lewis, myself, and a few of Lewis' friends at [dinner place name?], and I'm glad we got to meet - he's a swell fella! A bit of wandering and [our third]/a dose of DQ and we parted ways, and went to sleep. Thanks for coming out, Mikie!


Sue: The world's most complete T-Rex skeleton!


The hancock center
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Day 240/365 [Year 2]

Day 3 in Chicago. Today Lewis' conference really began, so I tagged along and wandered the various exhibits. Let me tell you. There are a LOT of them. I've officially been through them many times, but it took a long time. It was really interesting for a "civilian", if you will, to see all the many technologies, and indie publishers for books. And given the nature of the conference, some of the ones I saw there surprised me. [Wizards of the Coast strike anyone as library material?] I also collected a plethora of free, often signed books, along with other random tools of various device. Got to see George Watsky do a reading as well... he's a pretty awesome slam poet that I've seen before at PC. I pretty much spent the day maneuvering stacks. Had a great time too. WHOA forgot stuff. We arrived back and tried Lou Malnati's pizza, which we both decided does not compare to giordano's. Then got into a reception at the EDIT: Art Institute of Chicago. Which was beautiful, and I got to see alot of artwork I'd heard of but never seen in person. The famous seurat, of course, and many others. It was a great experience. I'll need to re-visit it sometime.


One of the booths was giving away free beer. This is the best booth give-a-way, ever.

George Watsky
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Day 239/365 [Year 2]

Day 2 in Chicago!

Today involved a brunch at a local place called Blackie's, which proved to be rather tasty. From there a day of wandering and adventure. Hopped on the train and made our way north to boystown [the gaybourhood], and explored the various shops. Saw Wrigley's from the behind on our way, and walked. It started out drizzling, but turned into a very nice day for wandering. Stopped at an Ann Sathers to try their much-talked-about Cinnamon Rolls, then hopped on the El and made our way back down. After this we got together with one of Lewis' old friends Joanne, and headed into town to grab food and see a show at Steppenwolfe, both of which were tasty. The food involved tasting a local brewery's work, and the Steppenwolfe show was a presentation of 500 Clown's performance The Elephant Deal. I think Lewis penned it best by saying that he really enjoyed it, although he is not entirely sure he understood it.


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Day 238/365 [Year 2]

Lewis had a conference in Chicago, and I got to tag along.

My first time ever to Chicago, and it was a wonderful trip. I still can't quite believe how beautiful Chicago is. I look forward to another visit before too long. The company was pretty good too, of course.

On the first day we wandered, had Giordano's stuffed pizza, then wandered through Millenium Park, exploring our way back to the hotel. Later, we wandered to the Chase building to attend a taping of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. It was a lot of fun, much longer than the program - but in a good way!


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Day 236/365 [Year 2]

Today was the 4th of July, my favorite holiday.

Love spending time with my family.. especially all my younger cousins.

This is also the shot I used for class this week. The assignment was to show what 4th of July was to us.




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Day 234/365 [Year 2]

Went to NY Pride with [livejournal.com profile] bix02138.

It was quite the experience, that parade is HUGE. Had a great time, and a great experience. Plus got to meet some great people from here at a brunch at A.O.C. in the village, which is RATHER delicious, if I do say so myself. A truly great weekend!


I'll start with brunch with some LJ-folks, and work through the rest of the day, eh?

[livejournal.com profile] little_buddha52

[livejournal.com profile] little_buddha52

[livejournal.com profile] cheechinnyc

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Day 233/365 [Year 2]

[livejournal.com profile] bix02138 and I traveled to NYC for this years pride.

While wandering about the day prior, we stumbled upon this art exhibit... it was pretty awesome. Dizzying, though.

Also, if you're in new york, and you have not yet encountered the New York NeoFuturists, DO SO. They are phenomenal.


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Day 216/365 [Year 2]


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Day 215/365 [Year 2]

In Providence overnight.

Here to see the play my friend Brandon directed: Christopher Durang's Baby With The Bathwater.

Also happened to be alumni weekend. It was fun to see everyone, and also to have everyone meet everyone.

Our hotel room was unbelievable.


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back from disneyworld

I have sooo many pictures

It was awesome

I've almost got enough moolah for a new camera

It's official, I'll be in Oxford, England from July 8 to August 6.



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