Jun. 6th, 2011 03:45 pm
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  • In which I need a shave AND a haircut

It was time to shave and haircut - alas, I only got to the shave portion tonight, but it was okay because it was a really awesome evening. First made burgers with Mike, then cooked with Jeff and Autumn, then played dorky board games with a bunch of cool kids at Katie's house!


May. 16th, 2011 06:11 pm
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Jeff, a beer, and a sunny day off

It was Patriots Day, so Jeff and I literally spent the day watching Doctor Who and working on side projects, then sat on the porch and read and drank beer. then watched more Doctor Who. The end of the day I went to knitting, the end.

Erick at Diesel

Self-Portrait with Luis' Glasses


Apr. 14th, 2011 06:30 pm
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Self-Portrait in Dodgeball attire

Well, I got my new laptop yesterday! HOORAY! It's super pretty, but it came into work, and we're in a super crunch period now, and I knew if I opened it I would get nothing done, so I ignored it until after work, when we had dodgeball, which went amazingly. In fact, I lasted like 4 minutes alone against the most... scary team in the league - one maneuver included a wall run. Yes that's pride you sense. After dodgeball, and the standard post-dodgeball beers with the kids, went home and set up my new laptop. Watched some being human, and failed at sleeping again.

Terry and a rainy day

Jeff and Kari at Dodgeball

and a few more images here )
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A Day In The Life from Todd Page on Vimeo.

warning: boxers and nsfw lyrics.

I tried to record most of my day. I ran out of battery before the end of the day, and lord, it was easy to forget to record things. Still, an attempt is above. the morning has more coverage than the rest of the day. All the music is actually what I was listening to. And I made it with my cell phone. so. you know. low quality, whee.

MY DAY BEGAN LIKE MOST! In the morning, that is. I wake between 7 and 7:20 on the average day. However, this day had a special wake-up. See, after my normal first alarm went off, I heard a noise from the hallway and BAM! Attacked by the pooch. He may or may not have been operating on his hand the night before, and I may or may not have tickled him. I waited 'til he wasn't holding a knife, so it's totally fine, honest. Anyway, his revenge was to jump on me as I woke up. I love my apartment. We had a short discourse about his sleeping choices [the couch] and the fact that in the middle of the night he switched couches, rather than moving to his bed.

Now awakened, I traversed the stairs into my kitchen, where I promptly began the music. Lately I've been a bit obsessed with Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" a peppy song with rather angsty lyrics. With this song playing, I grooved around my kitchen, making my lunch for the day. A standard homemade lunch consists of: Carrots, yogurt, a bag of goldfish, and a peanut butter sandwich. Unless there are leftovers. Then there are leftovers. Today was a situation of the former. I talked with Jeff as I did so, and then, lunch made, and Mike done with our shower, jumped in said shower, before getting dressed and jumping out the door to walk to work!

My walk to work, as expressed before, is extremely pleasant. An extremely short .7 mile walk to the local T station, surrounded by puppies and people's. It's fall here in New England land, and the trees over the walk are yellow and red, and even on a gray morose morning, it is beautiful.

When I got to the T station, I sat on a bench to await the next train to the Alewife, and pulled out my new iPod from my friend Katie. See, it syncs automatically, and had picked up from my computer the episodes of The Fabulous Beekman Boys that I had downloaded. I upon noticing this, developed a new morning commute habit that I'm not really proud of. I've been watching the show on the T. And while I wait for the T. I mean, it's only 10 minutes or so, but it's a super amusing 10 minutes. The show is very amusing, but also really frustrating, as the main characters are kind've obnoxious and ignorant. Still, I enjoy it and their friends in the village are really hot, so I watch it. I think it's mostly because I enjoy being angry at them for their lack of farm knowledge. Or because a little part of me wants to live on a farm. Who knows, eh?

A T train came by, I excitedly got up, and it just KEPT going. Damn the express trains. I sat down, a bit sad, but soon got involved in the silly farm-gays mishaps, and forgot about it until the next train came. Happily seated on my train, I managed to polish off an episode before hopping off, switching back to music and walking to my office. I had no more than gotten to my desk when I was overcome with great joy.

You see, dear readers, yesterday. Yesterday was tuesday. You have heard tell of the glorious day upon which free bagels are delivered to our illustrious work community? THAT DAY IS TUESDAY.

Now there was a scary moment, when I arrived in the cafeteria. NARY A CINNAMON CRUNCH BAGEL WAS TO BE FOUND.

What was one to do? I gathered all my resolve and strength, and chose instead a french toast bagel. I am happy to report it was quite delicious, and I nommed it at my desk while I got some work done before the daily scrum.

A scrum is an agile thingy. Agile is this whole efficiency thing. A way to try and make sure we get stuff done. It's effective. Basically for the scrum everyone on the team gathers every morning for 15 minutes and says "this is what I did yesterday" and then "this is what I'll do today" and then if they have blockers. It's nifty, really.

This meeting done, I sat down at my coworker Savanna's desk, and had an important conversation about how thoroughly amazing both Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol are. We agreed that they were, in fact, our favorite renditions of both movie. My coworker's are awesome.

I went back to my desk and began to accomplish work! Currently I am working on a Safari themed slot machine. More specifically the bonus round, which involves riding in a jeep, with a camera, taking pictures of animals. We're using parallax animation, and I'm having fun coding it all.

I took a brief webcomic break in the morning, rifling through my google reader updates to find the new posts. In the new Questionable Content update I discovered... DUN DUN DUN... the first QC book was released! OBVIOUSLY this was something I needed. I'm a huge webcomic nerd, and I've read every one and this is a fun way to both accumulate a hardcover version and support the creator. While there I snapped a t-shirt I've been wanting for a while, but only one. Which is really kind've impressive given the amount of merch from webcomics I love on topatoco.

SOON LUNCHTIME CAME! A bunch of my coworkers and myself, walk across the street together, and then eat in the cafe in this building together. Having remembered to bring my lunch today, I picked up some mozzarella sticks because they were staring at me, and they were just like "oh todd, please won't you eat me!?" I couldn't resist. They were so cute and delicious. I checked out, and everyone else was still in line, and by the time they got out, they were GONE. Seriously.

Anywho, we trekked across the street. Chi-Yun and I talked about Matzuka's laugh. And how he was a pretty awesome character. I don't really remember yesterdays lunch conversation, but experience tells me that star wars came up at some point. I know I laughed alot and we had to refer to imdb at some point, but that's pretty much a daily thing here, really. One lunch time conversation involved trying to discover a way to, without defying physics, make a 30 foot deep ball pit that one could actually jump into. We're pretty classy.

Often after lunch, we will play video games for a bit. This can be any of a number of games, be it Left 4 Dead, Worms, or in the case of yesterday, Super Mario World. I watched as I have finished that game at home, and honestly, nowadays playing it stresses me out a little. It's fun though, I recommend it.

That being finished, the rest of the work day commenced. Until quitting time!

At quitting time, I popped on my iPod, and walked to the T. And then I realized I'd left my wallet at work, so I walked back. Yay. On my second return to the T, I realized I'd left my phone charger there, too, and decided I didn't really care.

On the T ride home, I knitted. This is a much better activity, although it gets me weird looks from pretty much everyone on the T. I think men knitting confuses people. Which is odd as they invented it, but whatever. I haven't particularly cared what anyone thought of me in a while.

Upon getting home, I discovered my roommate was there. He usually has meditation on tuesdays, so this was a surprise. I had rehearsal in an hour and a half, so I asked him if he wanted to play mariokart for an hour. He did, and so WE did. We played online with other people, which was new and fun.

Upon finishing I prepared the marinade for the dinner I was making that night, and put the pork in it. Then, Mike, who was driving to his girlfriend's to say hi, was leaving at the same time as me, and offered so nicely to give me a ride to my rehearsal!

Dynamite was playing in the car. I played along on my bone.

Rehearsal came! I was apparently cranky yesterday, alot of stuff got under my nerves. Our guitar player quit recently, and our tenor sax is on vacation so rehearsal was a bit sparse, and I think I was just sleepy. There were some other factors in the crankiness, but really, that's for me to work on.

By the end I was feeling a bit frustrated, and I turned on an album for the walk home. That album is one of the few entirely perfect albums in this world. From beginning to end, I cannot find a flaw with it. John Coltrane's Blue Train, ladies and gents. This album is essentially flawless.

I got home and began cooking my dinner, blasting Blue Train in the kitchen. Talked to Mike for a bit, then he played starcraft, and I just let coltrane wash over me while I made sweet and sour pork. It was like therapy. I felt so much better. I ate my dinner, and read some of my BONE anthology, and all of a sudden it was 11:30. Crazy!

But there was glee to be watched! And watch glee I did. I greatly enjoyed it, although I haven't seen Rocky Horror yet, and thus have no personal attachment to it, so I've no cause to get worked up like most people I know.

Jeff still hadn't come home, which was weird, but he works at a startup, so really not entirely unexpected. I decided to head up to bed, where I read for about 45 minutes and fell asleep.

Wow. How boring was this telling, huh? Apparently I'm just not in it. You're better off just watching the video.

Sorry. I'll be back on my game soon!

[Full list of questions]
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Day 07 – Your hobbies, in great detail

Full size images of the above here:
Trombone: here
Guitar [Missing]: here
Cameras: here
Climbing: here
Knitting: here

Oh snap. Kids. I do too much.

So. I divided into some categories!

I play a plethora of instruments. I've been playing guitar for 8 years now, and while I don't play out, I play alot in my apartment space. Mostly acoustic, though I recently re-stringed my electric, so maybe I'll use that more often now. It's a nice calming activity, very zen and what-not. I can also play violin and trumpet, some drums, and a little piano. Additionally, I'm learning the accordion, and seeking out a banjo. I'm excited about the banjo.

My best/favorite instrument is assuredly the trombone. I've been playing since 5th grade, so, almost 16 years now.

Wow. Crazy.

I started playing in concert band at my middle school, where I actually had my mom - though she wasn't my main music teacher. I took to the instrument like a virus to an immune system. Wait, what was that metaphor. Whatever, moving on. I practiced a lot in middle school, oddly without any lecturing from my folks. I was put in a private school in 6th grade. I was kind've miserably depressed while I was there, and the resulting apathy caused me to not only do horribly in school, but stop caring about playing. I stopped for a single semester and came back to it as soon as possible. I had missed it a lot. I was in honors band in middle school, and then in high school, as I mentioned before, I was introduced to jazz. All of a sudden trombone made even more sense to me. I began taking lessons [actually, for the second time] with a local trombonist, Jim Fryer. He's amazing. Anyone who downloaded the october mix got to hear him, actually. My new focus on it, combined with some competition from a classmate and a strong desire to place into regionals brought even more focus to it. I played alot in high school. Got into regionals all three years I tried out, narrowly missed all-states the two I tried out for it. My parents sent me to an amazing band camp [I know it's hard, but do not make the joke. There is no music person who has been to band camp who has not heard that joke and does not hate you for referencing it. Seriously. Ask any of them.] It was 3 weeks of non-stop playing. I considered it as a major for college, in fact. SPEAKING OF COLLEGE! I graduated from high school and played in college. At the beginning of my freshman year, I was in Orchestra, Jazz band, Concert Band, and the Pep Band.

I didn't really want to do pep band, and the first rehearsal kind've cemented in my mind that it was not something I wanted, and also it was not something I would be able to do while being a theatre kid. [priorities.] Orchestra I remained in for that semester. There are a couple of reasons it sucked. One: It always sucks to be a brass player in Orchestra. There are some truly amazing parts, but 95% of any given gig is just counting and waiting for them to happen. Two: The orchestra was not very popular, and so it was in part populated by folks from the community, and the other trombone player was fucking. Bat-shit. Crazy. He scared me alot. The tamest example is him yelling at me for drinking water because fishes fuck in it. The last part of that is a quote. I stayed in concert band and jazz band, then my junior year I realized "wait. I don't actually enjoy concert band."

See, in high school you needed to be in concert band to be in jazz band. So I had that mindset. When I realized I didn't need to be in concert band to play the kind of music I really loved, that game ended immediately. I was in jazz band the rest of my college life, with the exception of my final semester. My roommate and good friend Ian and I quit together. The new conductor had sapped all the fun out of jazz. Which is impressive.

I didn't play for almost two years, when I did a craigslist search for a band looking for a trombone player. I happened upon the band I am now in! The Dirty Water Brass Band. I'm hella glad to have found them. They're super fun, and we have an awesome time. We rocked the shit out of our sets at HONK, in my humble opinion, and we're hoping to start picking up more gigs. I'm extremely excited for this. It's my kind of music, with great folks. And I've been in it since NEAR the beginning, and it's fun to notice how very far we've come.

I got a digital camera my senior year of highschool. It was an old 3.2 megapixel HP. There are images from it on this LJ. I snapped everything for a while, then put it down. Fall my sophomore year of college, I decided I was going to become good at photography. I picked the camera up, and decided to force myself to take ten pictures every day, with the intention of them being more than simply snapshots. I slowly gained knowledge, from people and the internets, but mostly from simply forcing myself to continuously shoot. And I genuinely loved it.

I picked up a film camera that weekend, and loved the control it gave me, but didn't have darkroom access, so after getting film developed a few times, being a poor college student, put it down. At the end of that year, I upgraded my camera for my first digital camera with the ability to manually focus, set aperture, shutter, etcetera. It was a fixed lens SLR, a Panasonix FZ-30. I shot as much as possible, and went further and further down the photo rabbit hole.

Second semester junior year I took an extra course in black and white film photography. My world was blown. Developing my own photos brought everything to an entirely new and far more meaningful level. I didn't have a sensational portfolio at the end of the course, in part thanks to a camera without a working light meter, and a teacher who didn't even teach us how to use filters in the darkroom.
First film portfolio

That summer I began my infamous 365 project. Most of you were here for that, right? If not, um. I did an entire year of shooting a self-portrait every. single. day. You can see them all here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thp365/sets/72157606251703136/

That year, I claim to be the sponsor of most of my photography skills. I learned so much that year through continuous practice and forced creativity that I could not have learned over a year of casually shooting. I recommend it to anyone trying to get further into the world of photography. At this time there was a huge photo community here on LJ, that posted all the time. Angry Alan, Transairn, a bunch of other folks who used to post ALL the time. Many of them still do. bobo dreams, Bitterlawngnome, Rural Rob. The point being that the inspiration and advice and encouragement from the people on this site helped me a thousandfold.

My fall semester senior year, I took another film course at PC, the second level one, and that produced work I am *EXTREMELY* proud of. I learned more, and got hooked on film more.
Second film portfolio

Starting junior year, I was given jobs shooting the archive footage of Providence College theatre productions. I did such photos for the theatre company I worked for after college as well, and last winter I was invited by Mark_shutterbug to help shoot [title of show] at the speakeasy. One of my photos from which ended up in the Boston Globe.

I've shot a few weddings since. An engagement shoot, a headshot shoot, and mostly just a number of shoots for me. Most of the work is here. I love film and shoot it whenever I can. I'm beginning to aquire a collection of classic cameras, which I love. I've been shooting with a Yashica Mat-124 alot lately, I need to work on getting those scanned and online for people to see. Too much to do!

But photography is my main creative and life outlet. I love it, I can't imagine who I would be without it.

The third is electronics/Gamery!
Yes, yes. I am one of those video game playing Hooligans. No, I am not one of those WoW playing types. I don't do drugs, thanks.

I'm not a hardcore gamer, or even an overly skilled one. But I love playing, especially now that the interwebs makes it easier to play with friends / now that I live with roommates who also game.

My favorite games? Okay. Well.

Half-Life 2 is amazing. Just. Totally frigging awesome. I'm probably going to replay that soon. Any classic NES game is awesome, especially Super Mario Bros 3. I love Super Mario Galaxy a lot. Ask my college roommates about how much I slept after we got that game. Answer: not very much. Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are amazing games. My coworkers also play them, so we'll often take a breather to just all get in together and play. Nothing quite as fun as killing zombies. I'd say I play those two the most. [thethp on steam] OH. Did I mention: Portal. Portal is frigging awesome. Portal 2 is just around the corner, that's exciting.

I also love board games, on the game front. The classic, simple games like scrabble, [I can play scrabble for hours.] and the more complicated geek games like settlers of catan. Any board game really. Or card games. Card games are awesome.

I included electronics because I also like to toy with computers and circuits. I am a code monkey at heart, and have been known to happily code on my own projects at home. I recently made an amp, too, also.

The fourth is Climbing/Physical Activity!
I rock climb, kids. It's my favorite way to expell energy. I'm at a solid 5.11 now, been climbing near weekly for over a year now. The pooch and I climb together, it's a good time. It's like physical exercise, but with mental stimulation. The best combination ever.

I used to be really into Parkour. I'm working on getting back into it. I kind've fell out of the community when I moved to Boston, but once my shoulder heals up I'm going to be right back in there, vaulting with the best. It's a great discipline, very freeing and exciting, also an amazing outlet.

I bike! A lot. Although, recently not as much because my bike is broked due to an accident. Geting it fixed and back on wheels soon though. I actually bike[d] to work every single day. It's a great way to start and end the day, really. We'll see how long it lasts now that it's all brisk out.

Oh, and I play on a wicked awesome dodgeball team. The flying Wombats. Respect the wombat.

And skiing. I love skiing.

The fifth is knitting!
I hesitated to include this one. I just started about 2 months ago. But I'm really really enjoying it, and plan to continue to, so here it is. So far I've only made a scarf and a hat and sweater sampler, but I'm about to start my first sweater, so yay.

madknits got me into it, actually. It was a pleasant happenstance, and I'm really glad for it. Also glad for the fun time hanging out with him and his knitting krew on monday nights. It's quite pleasant. Knitting is very zen for me, it's a nice detox.

I didn't include theatre in the image above, because I don't really ACTIVELY help make theatre anymore. I probably should get back involved, but I lack the time right now, really. ALTHOUGH. I am planning to start doing long-form improv again, which I've heavily missed.

Holy shit, dudes. If you actually made it this far in reading this blathering page of hobby describing, you're impressive. I'm exhausted. Bye.
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38 days of LJ Meme : Day 5 - What you ate [yester]day, in great detail

I wrote this about yesterday because today isn't done.



So. Let's see if I can't find a way to make this interesting, hmm?


I wandered restlessly into the kitchen, and AHA! there! ON THE COUNTER! Freshly made bread, via my roommate the herr retriever. Sometimes my roommate the herr retriever goes by the person name of Jeff. But mostly I either bark at him or call him the pooch. I'm serious. Actually, I didn't need to add that, anyone who's met me believes that. I'm just that kind of crazy. Not the stab you in the night kind of crazy. More the hug a stranger kind of crazy. Let's put it this way. I am that guy you're mildly afraid of on the T.

Where was I? OH. Bread. So my roommate's family makes bread every week, and I told him that his job as roommate was to carry this tradition in our apartment. He has begun! GUYS. FRESH BREAD. I love bread, quite a bit, really. So naturally I ate it. It was delicious. I didn't toast it, or put butter on it. I just sliced off a piece and went to town.

I wished I had orange juice and made a silent note to pick up orange juice later. [side-note: I never picked up orange juice later. Sad.] Then after quietly dancing around the kitchen to westbound train, I jumped in the shower where I'm pretty sure I imbibed some shower water. I sang "We Shall Overcome" loudly to the shower nozzle, and water just kind've went in. The woman who feeds her baby around 8:00 am every morning in the house across the yard looked out the window to try and find the phantom who sings in the shower. Our bathroom window is tiny. I felt safe and waved. She lives really far away, so there is no way she saw me, but no one can say I'm not friendly.

I walked from my apartment to the T station, roughly .7 miles away, but the walk is all on the bike path. Porter Square is a little closer, but fuck it, I like the bike path. I walked past a dog. I did not eat it. I was really hungry when I hit the T station for some reason. I never eat breakfast, so it didn't make any sense to me, but I walked past the food booths anyway. On the T, I read from my entire collection of BONE. [the comic] I didn't eat that either.

Usually on tuesdays, there are free bagels in the morning. These are usually from Panera, and they have a cinnamon crunch hidden amongst the packs. This, my friends, though bagel blasphemy to some, is my crack. TOAST THAT SHIT AND TOSS SOME CREAM CHEESE ON IT. But today was Wednesday! BUT! BUT MONDAY WAS A HOLIDAY, AND MAYBE THAT MEANT THERE WOULD BE BAGELS ON WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK! I was hopeful. I cranked up the recording of RMO's version of Deceptacon on my iPod as I gathered into the elevator, building up all my hope on my ride up, light bubbly dreams of bagels bouncing about in my head.

"here's to the man and his bombs his bombs his bombs" I muttered to myself as I wandered down the hallway to the cafeteria. "here's to the man and his motherfucking war games!" I thought to myself as I rounded the corner to find! NO BAGELS. What a let-down.

SO. ROUGHLY, NO BREAKFAST WAS HEAD EXCEPT FOR SOME BREAD. There was some orange juice in the soda fridge, which I found EXTREMELY exciting, so I grabbed two bottles, because I'm a greedy sunuvabitch. Fate was angered at me for this, clearly, for she made me spill the second bottle all over my keyboard. A little got on Fluffy, my velociraptor, too, but I cleaned him up and he's fine. I popped all the keys off and cleaned them, put them on, and silently got angry at my orange juice. We're cool now, I still love it.

Morning passed. LUNCH TIME CAME!!

I didn't make lunch today. It had been a long, amazing weekend, and I had been lazy. Usually for lunch I have some yogurt and a peanut butter sandwich, and some carrots, and some goldfish. Or leftovers. One of those two. BUT THIS TIME I DID NOT. And it was wednesday. Which, while it does not mean free bagels... it DOES MEAN CHILI DAY!

Chili day is a wonderful day in office-land because there is chili. I wandered with my coworkers to the cafeteria and got me a big cup of chili, and 3 pieces of bread to dip in it. I am clever with chili. I put cheese on the bottom of the cup, and in the middle. this way, when I mix it, the cheese melts all nice-nice. It's a tactic you're allowed to use if you want to. It helps.

Chili was delicious. With it I enjoyed a ginger ale. I gave up caffeine close to two years ago, so it's one of the few options in our fridge of mountain dew and diet cokes.


I went home for an hour, where I ate more bread.


We won 3 games of 10 in dodgeball, a personal record for our team, the flying wombats. We're pretty awesome.

There is a local bar to where we play that gives dodgeball teams two free pizza's after their games, so we went there. Last week we made friends with the bartender, Jen. She likes us and thinks we're cooky. How does one spell cooky? Whatever.

We each had two "jack-o-lanterns" which is to say, a black and tan, only instead of bass, you use a pumpkin ale. OH MY GOD. This is a genius decision. I decided I was hungry, and needing additional food to our shared pizzas, ordered a Cheesesteak.

This came in a grand fashion, with delicious french fries on the side, which I very happily enjoyed.

After cleaning my plate, we headed home, where I had no more food.

AND THAT IS WHAT I ATE [yester]day.

[Full list of questions]
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In EXACTLY 4 months, Jeff finished the Appalachian Trail. He summitted Katahdin on August 16th.

I'm really excited he was able to meet this goal of his, and also, that he is now HOME for good. And also that he [and Mike] and I are going to live together in... holy shit, 12 days.

So. For those newcomers: Jeff [usually referred to as The Pooch or The Herr Retriever] is my best friend. Lewis once called him my straight boyfriend. And he was hiking the appalachian trail.

The night before he left, we Both shaved

And we have not shaved since. Until last night. Here is the end results of 4 months of facial hair, and here is the shaving. Yay fun.

I look forward to returning to a fauxtee for a while.

Here is me at 4 months unshaved:

And here is the pooch:

And here is the pictures of us becoming not so shaggy )
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Hey there. As you may just remember, my best friend Jeff: http://jgandt.com/blag
is hiking the appalachian trail. He's been gone 5 days short of 2 months. I get to talk to him every week and a half or so, which is nice. He's also FLYING [more than half way!!] which is awesome.

Sos, you probably remember we both shaved clean the night he left and vowed to not shave until he returned. We're exactly as awesome as you think.

Anywho, I'm sure all of you were positively riveted with anticipation about how our "beards" were going as we approach the 2 month mark. And the result is "fair" seeing as we both grow facial hair at the speed of a prepubescent child. All of you beard-growing-is-easy-types: do not take it for granted!

Whelp. That's all I had. I'm editing wedding photos and what-not lately. Yarp.

Happy friesday.
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Oh hi, guys.

So my best friend quit his job, and officially began the Appalachian trail on Friday. He began in Georgia, and will be doing the entire thing, which means he'll be gone for 5 months. The bastard. Any of you interested in following his journey can check it out at: http://jgandt.com/blag

So anyway, I asked him if he'd be shaving on the trail, and he said he would not, so I offered to him "I will shave the night before you leave, and will not shave with you, in solidarity"

So, wednesday night, the last night he was in Massachusetts, The [electric] razor came out, and we were soon clean faced. This was especially weird for me, as I have very literally not been clean-shaven in 3 years. I have had my fauxtee the entire time. I don't like how I look without it, and I look forward to hair growing back in. I grow hair about as fast as a snail can run a 5k, so it'll be a while, but it will be fun to compare in the 5 months.

Any-whozle, here are the photos from the process. Jeff first, then me. Check the cut to see the process and afters.

Jeff's process and after )
and Now I.
my process and after. yikes )
Yikes, huh?

Yikes. Definetly yikes.
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Day 194/365 [Year 2]


"I dunno."

Sorry... that's a personal joke. It is relevant to the picture though.

I saw star trek today. It was pretty bad-ass. But the trailer for Up was my favorite part. In fact. I laughed for the first 7 minutes of Star Trek because of it.

["Hi there!"]



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