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Mikeybear at Chateau-Larson

January 2011

Canon FT QL
Canon FL 50mm 1:1.4
Kodak Gold 200
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Julia at Ana's Taqueria
January 2011

Canon FT QL
Kodak Gold 200


Jul. 23rd, 2010 01:47 pm
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Hey Kids. Guess what? Real photos!

My friend Jenny, who is awesome, is the social media specialist for Boston University. She has been featured in a few little articles across the internet about schools with such things, and is generally an awesome person. [I said it above, it bears repeating. Know who I could spend all my time with? Jenny Mackintosh] Anyway, the Washington Post recently talked to her about her job, and asked her for a head shot. Enter me! We did a shoot, and got what we both think are some great photos out of it. It helps that she's so damn pretty. This was my first real shoot of this nature with anyone, and I feel happy about it.

And now I'm sharing these photos with y'all. Hope you enjoy.

A few more, here )
┬ęTodd H. Page 2010

It was one of those awesome moments where I remember "wow. I CAN do this. Awesome!"

I'm in the development process of a photo project that will be incredibly difficult, and draining, but has extreme potential. I look forward to trying to make it a reality.

I've almost finished the wedding photos for [livejournal.com profile] i_f_f

I'm still shooting at least one roll of film a week.

And I am still, Todd H. Page.

How are you, anyway?
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So, then I met up with Chris and we headed to an abandoned asylum to take some photographs. I had never played with real lighting, and I got to play with some of Chris' lighting equipment. which was really fun.

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Katie P.

Oct. 23rd, 2009 11:09 am
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Sally Rye

My friend Katie P lives in the area, and so occasionally we get together and shoot.

The other night we hung out by a beach called Nantasket at night. It was dark, and nice, and we almost got arrested. Here are some of the results. I'm really happy with them, actually.

3 more. I really like them. )
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Day 246/365 [Year 2]

A quick day trip to New York today to see the performance of The Happy Sad at the Summer Play Festival at The Public. It was really great, and especially awesome to see how it had changed in the time between the reading we had seen last year, and this performance. An awesome experience, and a really good show.


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Day 244/365 [Year 2]

This is what I had done when I had misinterpreted the assignment. I don't want to go into it, really. I was way off. So, the basic detail is: this is a portrait of a person without them in the photo.

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Day 242/365 [Year 2]

My last day in Chicago! Sad. Started off by going to the convention center to attend a brunch in which they present the stonewall book award. Which was pretty neat. There were some terribly impactive moments, and I learned about a plethora of books I probably never would have. A little more wandering of the exhibition hall, and we found ourselves walking up the lake from the center to the Planetarium. A lovely sunny walk, and another chance to simply enjoy Chicago and relax. By the time we had wandered back it was just about time to pick up our bags and head off - Lewis to dinner with a friend, then Joanne's house, and I to the airport for my ride home. It was a wonderful trip.


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Day 240/365 [Year 2]

Day 3 in Chicago. Today Lewis' conference really began, so I tagged along and wandered the various exhibits. Let me tell you. There are a LOT of them. I've officially been through them many times, but it took a long time. It was really interesting for a "civilian", if you will, to see all the many technologies, and indie publishers for books. And given the nature of the conference, some of the ones I saw there surprised me. [Wizards of the Coast strike anyone as library material?] I also collected a plethora of free, often signed books, along with other random tools of various device. Got to see George Watsky do a reading as well... he's a pretty awesome slam poet that I've seen before at PC. I pretty much spent the day maneuvering stacks. Had a great time too. WHOA forgot stuff. We arrived back and tried Lou Malnati's pizza, which we both decided does not compare to giordano's. Then got into a reception at the EDIT: Art Institute of Chicago. Which was beautiful, and I got to see alot of artwork I'd heard of but never seen in person. The famous seurat, of course, and many others. It was a great experience. I'll need to re-visit it sometime.


One of the booths was giving away free beer. This is the best booth give-a-way, ever.

George Watsky
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Day 236/365 [Year 2]

Today was the 4th of July, my favorite holiday.

Love spending time with my family.. especially all my younger cousins.

This is also the shot I used for class this week. The assignment was to show what 4th of July was to us.




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Day 235/365 [Year 2]

Home for the 4th Weekend.

My favorite holiday.

My sister is obsessed with fireworks and got some huge ones on her way home... which we promptly lit off in my back yard.

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So, I'm taking a photography course at NESOP. It's called Photographing People. Hopefully it'll get me out of my shell a little, it'll help me improve my skills,and will generally just keep me on task. Plus it grants me dark room access. We had a pretty open assignment the first week - we were supposed to try and take a really good shot to pitch ourselves with. I decided to try and shoot the backstage of a drag club.

So I called a local drag club, and got permission, assuming the performers were okay with it. In the end, I got permission from the very friendly and helpful Kris Knievil, and shot her entire preparation. Crystal Crawford came along later, and I got one shot of her preparing - 2 of her performing.

The one I chose for class is above, but I enjoyed alot of them. So.. sorry for the overflow.

The end results are at the end of the photos under the cut. 2 for each performer.


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Day 231/365 [Year 2]

Happy Father's Day.

I missed some days. Right now, I'm over it. I'll get back in the groove again soon. Nothing happened, I've just been taking a pressure break or something. Either way, I'll stop skipping days, and in the meantime will upload the ones/sets I have from the mid-time.

This past month [from the day of post, has been spotty in terms of my mission of a photo a day. However, I'm refocusing, and getting back in the groove.

At least I'm being honest.

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Day 221/365 [Year 2]

Met up with Sally Rye at our standard meeting place: The Pourhouse

Yup, the flash came out again.

We had a discussion about salt and pepper.

T'was a good time, per usual.

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Day 218/365 [Year 2]

Met up with Juli, Shannon, and Twon at Boston Beer Works.

Delish, and an all-around good time!

Also, my flash came out again.

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Day 216/365 [Year 2]

The Herr after climbing.

Showing off the wireless-ness of my flash.

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Day 213/365 [Year 2]


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Day 206/365 [Year 2]
Cassie And Brandon came up for the weekend.

We checked out the ICA today. Shepard Fairey exhibit was awesome.


[I need to try editing another one, Cassie is squinting]
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Day 201/365 [Year 2]

I honestly don't know how I would get through anything without these two people.

[The Herr and Brandon]

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Day 183/365 [Year 2]




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