Sep. 14th, 2011 03:29 pm
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Grilled Chicken for dinner

Making Chicken


Jul. 29th, 2011 04:49 pm
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Jim modeling at Bear Albany Brunch

Bear Albany Brunch! Some house work at Jim's place! Hanging out at Rocks! Home! That is all.

Mikeybear at Bear Albany Brunch

Alan at Bear Albany Brunch


Jul. 29th, 2011 04:41 pm
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Bear Albany

Bear Albany weekend! Today we had a day trip to Sharon Springs, where we got delicious tasty food, and explored the shop of the Fabulous Beekman Boys. Additionally, we got to meet the adorable hotel owners, Doug and Garth, and had some drinks and time in the back yard. Afterwards, we headed back, and got dinner with [livejournal.com profile] plaidninja and [livejournal.com profile] bigbeartoronto and Jim and Alan. Hung out and watched a movie for a bit, then went to the saturday night event. A good day.

Mikeybear in Sharon Springs

Jim and Alan in Sharon Springs

Jim and Alan in Sharon Springs

Frank tries to hide behind a tree
Frank tried to hide behind a tree. He was not wholly successful.



Jul. 27th, 2011 04:37 pm
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What-up, kids. It's been a while. I'm ... over two months behind. That's a lot. And a lot of photos, it's this point now when it's just super duper overwhelming, because, really? I haven't edited most of them. But you know, I've just been so goddamned busy lately. Like, I mean, I haven't been in my apartment for a full weekend since June. Yikes. Driving around like a mad man and it's not stopping soon.

Anyway, hi. Sorry, I'm trying.

Additionally These are from 5/19, and on THIS day my friend Kait and I went to an amazing, very nice restaurant in Cambridge called Bergamot. It was super fancy and delicious, and the company was exceptional, too.

Mint Julep at Bergamot


Olive Oil Gelato

And he just stared at me like a moose looks at an oncoming train

I need to slow down or something. I'm fucking beat.


Jul. 27th, 2011 04:31 pm
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Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:55 pm
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Four-Berry Rhubarb Pie for my birthday made by my dad

So, today we all got up and sat on the porch for a few hours nursing warm drinks and orange juice before getting our act together and walking to Johnny D's for a most bodacious brunch. Stopped by the comic store, too, then headed home and chilled out for a bit. I hopped in the car soon after and made my way to Rhody, where my parents have a house, and we had our family celebration. My dad made steak and FOUR-BERRY RHUBARB PIE! It was amazing, and as I'm weird and don't like cake or brownies or the like, it was perfect. Then we played Uno, which I love, and closed the night out with a viewing of the classic "Follow Me Boys" which none of you will know. I've gotten used to that.

Dad on my birthday, playing Uno

Mom on my birthday, playing Uno

Artichoke for my birthday! made by my dad

Steak for my birthday made by my dad


Jun. 21st, 2011 11:56 am
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Everyone's Glasses.

Today I carried on my excellent tradition of wearing other peoples glasses. Also, Brandon and Co. came up from Providence for a concert, but stopped by our place first, where we grilled kabobs. Of course the grill ran out of Propane mid-way, but a quick run to the store procured more. Day saved! Afterwards we generally carried on and had a pleasant day. We are a silly people.

Presence Project - Autumn

Gangsta with the Apartment Pump
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Stuffed Pepper, With Beer

SO HERE IT IS! My results from the first monthly grill-off! I done made me some stuffed peppers.

The four ingredients, to re-iterate, were Shallots, Peppers, Portobello Mushrooms, and Romaine Lettuce - all of which had to be grilled, and all of which had to be used in the dish.

I've given up meat for lent, so it is completely vegetarian, also.

This was my first time really making my own recipe completely and entirely, so I'm super excited about that. And about how it came out.

That being said, I didn't really write things down as I did them, so forgive the incredible sketchiness of this recipe I have attempted to lay out, and follow your gut more than it:

  • 5 or 6 peppers or so.
  • 2 or 3 scallions
  • 4 shallots
  • 4 or 5 portobello mushrooms
  • 1 wedge o' romaine lettuce
  • 2.5 tomatoes
  • 1/2 a yellow onion
  • Half-a-handful of cilantro
  • 1 Lime
  • 1/2 a can of black beans, or more if you want, I guess
  • 2-3 cups of brown rice
  • 1 jalapeno
  • salt
  • a lot of black pepper
  • a real lot of cayenne pepper
  • a real lot of chili powder
  • a little onion powder
  • a little garlic powder
  • a little bit of oregano
  • tons of olive oil
  • balsamic vinegar and maybe some other kinds.
  • sherry
  • syrup
  • cheddar jack cheese

Most of this stuff can kinda be grilled at the same time. Or not, your call really. Your barbecue.

  1. Start da rice cookin' - if you're me, you have a side burner on your grill, and you'll cook it there. Don't cook it ALL the way done, just most of the way done.
  2. Take 'dem shallots, and take off the part of the shell that crumbles off easily. Not the rest, 'kay? Get out that basting brush, coat them shallots with it, and throw 'em on the grill. Rotate them a few times, cook 'em 'til they're clearly done.
  3. Take one of them shallots and take the shell off. You can honestly cut one of the ends off, and squeeze it, the insides will just pop out. Now chop them up, and throw them in a bowl with vinegars and a tiny bit of syrup, and the garlic powder, onion powder and a bunch of cayenne and chili powder. Mix that shit up and throw dem portobello mushrooms in for like 15 minutes. Don't leave 'em in too long, mushrooms be like sponges, yo.
  4. Let's be honest, you're done with that rice, now, right? OK COOL! Throw it in a giant bowl. One that can hold all the stuffing.
  5. Brush that olive oil on 2 of the tomatoes, and also, on the wedge of lettuce. Throw 'em on the grill. Use your eye and inner griller to know when they're done. For example, the tomatoes should be starting to burst really.
  6. 'kay, this sounds weird, but take off the skin that's remaining on the grilled tomatoes, and then just squeeze the shit out of them over the rice, kinda tearing them apart, and adding all the edible bits. And then chop the remaining half a tomato [if you want, I'm sure you could put the whole thing in there.] Add that in there.
  7. While you're chopping stuff, chop 'dem shallots, and throw them in there. Also, mince the garlic and throw it in there. Keep stirring it all up while you're adding stuff.
  8. Oh shit, the mushrooms, yeah, throw them on the grill, they won't take too long to cook.
  9. While that's happening, chop up the jalepeno, and throw it in. And the cilantro, yeah, that too.
  10. Cut off the leafy parts of the lettuce. I don't remember what the spine part is called, maybe it's spine, but then chop up that part like it was celery and throw it in the stuffing.
  11. Chop up dem mushrooms and, yup, add them to the rest.
  12. Oh snap, add about half the can of black beans to the mixture - but totally get rid of the gunk when you add them. Just the beans, y'hear?
  13. To the stuffing, add some salt. Black pepper, and a LOT of cayenne pepper and Chili Powder. Like. A lot. I guess maybe the best way to say this is "to taste" so, add that stuff to taste, bitches.
  14. Okay, so now probably is a bad time to point out that at some point while stuff was grilling, you should have cut the tops off the peppers, and cleaned out the inside, but honestly, I'm too lazy to reorganize all the numbers.
  15. Shove the stuffing in the peppers! Throw some cheese in the middle, if you're feeling kooky. I was, and it was tasty.  If not, put some sour cream and/or cheese on afterwards.
  16. Now that you're jam packed full o' stuffing, lather the sides of the peppers with olive oil and throw them on the grill.
  17. Cook them, rotating so each side gets grilled until they're kinda bubbly. Then, take them off the grill, and eat the shit out of them. YEAH.

That's it, I think. Throw some sour cream and cheddar jack on that shit.  More photos!

All of the Ingredients

Pre-Cooked Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Pepper, Beer, and Spilled Delicious Innards

some more, now, including prep shots )
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So, I posted this photo a week or so ago:
Grill Master THP with Grilling Towel

with the caption: Grill Master THP with Grilling Towel.

My friend Juli [who I do the monthly mixtapes with], who I love to death, left the following comment:
Grill master....
I smell a challenge!
[by the way you do look super adorable here! :) ]

With a trail to this photo:
[Day 101] Grill Ninja Juli

with the following title and caption:
Grill Ninja Juli

So Todd, fancies himself a grill master.

Sure, he looks adorable standing there with his little smirk and grill towel, but is he really a master at the art of grilling???

Let's find out....

I challenge you to a duel, Sir.
That's right.
A photographic grilling duel!

We each pick 2 ingredients. All 4 ingredients must be included in our dish and everything must be cooked on the grill. Pics or it didn't happen. (we can hash out the rest of the details next time we talk)

What say you?

Now, good day!
*evil laugh*

We laid out our ingredients and the rules [and decided to make it a monthly event] that week, and this weekend I posted this photo:

with the following title and caption which explains the rules and the ingredients we chose.
I'm sure you're aware, but Juli done thrown down the grilling gauntlet.

Well, guess what, ladies and gents - this grill mastah don't back down from no fight. Not even from a ninja - spatula at the ready.

We each chose 2 ingredients, all of which were required to be grilled, for the dish.

We done thrown down the 4 ingredients:
Shallots, Portebello Mushrooms, Peppers, and Romaine Lettuce.

All the ingredients are required to be grilled.

I must say, mine was DAMN tasty - it'll be revealed when hers is.

Needless to say, y'all, it's on like donkey kong.

I think you're now sufficiently up to date for what's now to come. Big reveal in a bit.


Apr. 19th, 2011 09:34 am
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Rebirth Brass Band

Woke up, played video games all morning, got brunch with a friend, skyped with a friend briefly, then played more video games and read. Finally got off my ass at night and went to see the Rebirth Brass Band at The Middle East - which was, as one might guess, totally awesome. After that, made the poor choice of listening to Adele in the rain, and ended up driving to the ocean and sitting there for several hours.



more photos, one may be disturbing )


Apr. 19th, 2011 09:24 am
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Mint Julep at Rendezvous

Lets see. More no sleep [yay], woke up and played guitar for a bit, free beers at work, big presentation at work that went well, and in which I actually started falling asleep. Big US lawsuit against our 3 biggest competitors [yay], dinner at rendezvous with my friend Justin, then home, where I actually, finally fell asleep. It was glorious. I fell asleep at like 9, and for the most part stayed asleep until 7:30.

Bread at Rendezvous

Gnocchi at Rendezvous

moar photos )


Apr. 14th, 2011 06:30 pm
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Self-Portrait in Dodgeball attire

Well, I got my new laptop yesterday! HOORAY! It's super pretty, but it came into work, and we're in a super crunch period now, and I knew if I opened it I would get nothing done, so I ignored it until after work, when we had dodgeball, which went amazingly. In fact, I lasted like 4 minutes alone against the most... scary team in the league - one maneuver included a wall run. Yes that's pride you sense. After dodgeball, and the standard post-dodgeball beers with the kids, went home and set up my new laptop. Watched some being human, and failed at sleeping again.

Terry and a rainy day

Jeff and Kari at Dodgeball

and a few more images here )


Apr. 12th, 2011 05:44 pm
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Today was actually a pretty frigging good day. Didn't sleep well, but got into work early, which let me edit photos for a bit before the day really began. After work I stopped by Diesel to say hi to the knitting folks, but no one was there, so I played pokemon while I finished my drink, then headed home to meet Brandon [[livejournal.com profile] neo999955 who was up in Boston for the night. My first set of shuttercal cards had come, which was neat. We got an amazing dinner at Posto [Best Bruschetta I've Ever Had. Hands down. Offically a challenge to PICCO for best pizza in boston, too.] And then ice cream at J.P. Licks. On the walk home I ran into my friend Tom, got to talk to him for a while, which was nice, then I headed home and played the sleep game.

Brandon is now excited!

The Best Bruschetta ever. [Posto - Davis Square]

Still more photos )


Apr. 10th, 2011 05:01 pm
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Self-Portrait without heads and feet

Today I woke up, and the weather was perfect. I opened all the windows in the apartment, cleaned all our dishes, and decided with Mike that the next day we would have the first barbecue of the season, then went to the porch, where, after finding some vegetarian grilling recipes [Jeff and I gave up meat for lent, and Mike's a vegetarian, so while I made hamburgers for all the carnivores [TORTUROUS], I wanted plenty of veggie options], I re-read my favorite book, The Giver for the 35th time. Then joined Mike on a ride to Kendall Cinema, where we took in I Am. It was interesting. From there, home for a bit more porch time, beer and a [veggie]burger, then went to Ian's birthday dinner/gathering. Scene it is a terrible game.

Cookbook rifling on the porch.

Mike on a bike

You guessed it, more photos. )


Apr. 9th, 2011 04:49 pm
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Today was an exasperating day at work, followed by some really important conversation. After which I decided it was time to get Mexican and a margarita - I felt like eating out, it seemed like a good response to the day. My friend Justin joined me at Rudy's, my favorite local Mexican place. [introduced to me by the ever-knowledgable [livejournal.com profile] bix02138] Around this, video games, T.V. and taking care of le sick roommate.


My Libation
and a few more. )


Apr. 7th, 2011 11:51 am
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Kari Queries The Beer.

Yesterday was dodgeball playoffs for our league... except that our team didn't make playoffs [we're out for fun]. So we had our own playoffs at home: Boggle, Uno, and a few other card games. It was a really pleasant evening. I'm glad it was chill, I didn't have the energy for anything more.

Escalator Pieces in Davis Square


I'm ready for TWO parties.
Two of us were prepared for a party, anyway!

just a grilled cheese sandwich and some focus on the beer. [photos I'm keeping for the journal aspect but that you won't care about] )
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A Day In The Life from Todd Page on Vimeo.

warning: boxers and nsfw lyrics.

I tried to record most of my day. I ran out of battery before the end of the day, and lord, it was easy to forget to record things. Still, an attempt is above. the morning has more coverage than the rest of the day. All the music is actually what I was listening to. And I made it with my cell phone. so. you know. low quality, whee.

MY DAY BEGAN LIKE MOST! In the morning, that is. I wake between 7 and 7:20 on the average day. However, this day had a special wake-up. See, after my normal first alarm went off, I heard a noise from the hallway and BAM! Attacked by the pooch. He may or may not have been operating on his hand the night before, and I may or may not have tickled him. I waited 'til he wasn't holding a knife, so it's totally fine, honest. Anyway, his revenge was to jump on me as I woke up. I love my apartment. We had a short discourse about his sleeping choices [the couch] and the fact that in the middle of the night he switched couches, rather than moving to his bed.

Now awakened, I traversed the stairs into my kitchen, where I promptly began the music. Lately I've been a bit obsessed with Cee-Lo's "Fuck You" a peppy song with rather angsty lyrics. With this song playing, I grooved around my kitchen, making my lunch for the day. A standard homemade lunch consists of: Carrots, yogurt, a bag of goldfish, and a peanut butter sandwich. Unless there are leftovers. Then there are leftovers. Today was a situation of the former. I talked with Jeff as I did so, and then, lunch made, and Mike done with our shower, jumped in said shower, before getting dressed and jumping out the door to walk to work!

My walk to work, as expressed before, is extremely pleasant. An extremely short .7 mile walk to the local T station, surrounded by puppies and people's. It's fall here in New England land, and the trees over the walk are yellow and red, and even on a gray morose morning, it is beautiful.

When I got to the T station, I sat on a bench to await the next train to the Alewife, and pulled out my new iPod from my friend Katie. See, it syncs automatically, and had picked up from my computer the episodes of The Fabulous Beekman Boys that I had downloaded. I upon noticing this, developed a new morning commute habit that I'm not really proud of. I've been watching the show on the T. And while I wait for the T. I mean, it's only 10 minutes or so, but it's a super amusing 10 minutes. The show is very amusing, but also really frustrating, as the main characters are kind've obnoxious and ignorant. Still, I enjoy it and their friends in the village are really hot, so I watch it. I think it's mostly because I enjoy being angry at them for their lack of farm knowledge. Or because a little part of me wants to live on a farm. Who knows, eh?

A T train came by, I excitedly got up, and it just KEPT going. Damn the express trains. I sat down, a bit sad, but soon got involved in the silly farm-gays mishaps, and forgot about it until the next train came. Happily seated on my train, I managed to polish off an episode before hopping off, switching back to music and walking to my office. I had no more than gotten to my desk when I was overcome with great joy.

You see, dear readers, yesterday. Yesterday was tuesday. You have heard tell of the glorious day upon which free bagels are delivered to our illustrious work community? THAT DAY IS TUESDAY.

Now there was a scary moment, when I arrived in the cafeteria. NARY A CINNAMON CRUNCH BAGEL WAS TO BE FOUND.

What was one to do? I gathered all my resolve and strength, and chose instead a french toast bagel. I am happy to report it was quite delicious, and I nommed it at my desk while I got some work done before the daily scrum.

A scrum is an agile thingy. Agile is this whole efficiency thing. A way to try and make sure we get stuff done. It's effective. Basically for the scrum everyone on the team gathers every morning for 15 minutes and says "this is what I did yesterday" and then "this is what I'll do today" and then if they have blockers. It's nifty, really.

This meeting done, I sat down at my coworker Savanna's desk, and had an important conversation about how thoroughly amazing both Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol are. We agreed that they were, in fact, our favorite renditions of both movie. My coworker's are awesome.

I went back to my desk and began to accomplish work! Currently I am working on a Safari themed slot machine. More specifically the bonus round, which involves riding in a jeep, with a camera, taking pictures of animals. We're using parallax animation, and I'm having fun coding it all.

I took a brief webcomic break in the morning, rifling through my google reader updates to find the new posts. In the new Questionable Content update I discovered... DUN DUN DUN... the first QC book was released! OBVIOUSLY this was something I needed. I'm a huge webcomic nerd, and I've read every one and this is a fun way to both accumulate a hardcover version and support the creator. While there I snapped a t-shirt I've been wanting for a while, but only one. Which is really kind've impressive given the amount of merch from webcomics I love on topatoco.

SOON LUNCHTIME CAME! A bunch of my coworkers and myself, walk across the street together, and then eat in the cafe in this building together. Having remembered to bring my lunch today, I picked up some mozzarella sticks because they were staring at me, and they were just like "oh todd, please won't you eat me!?" I couldn't resist. They were so cute and delicious. I checked out, and everyone else was still in line, and by the time they got out, they were GONE. Seriously.

Anywho, we trekked across the street. Chi-Yun and I talked about Matzuka's laugh. And how he was a pretty awesome character. I don't really remember yesterdays lunch conversation, but experience tells me that star wars came up at some point. I know I laughed alot and we had to refer to imdb at some point, but that's pretty much a daily thing here, really. One lunch time conversation involved trying to discover a way to, without defying physics, make a 30 foot deep ball pit that one could actually jump into. We're pretty classy.

Often after lunch, we will play video games for a bit. This can be any of a number of games, be it Left 4 Dead, Worms, or in the case of yesterday, Super Mario World. I watched as I have finished that game at home, and honestly, nowadays playing it stresses me out a little. It's fun though, I recommend it.

That being finished, the rest of the work day commenced. Until quitting time!

At quitting time, I popped on my iPod, and walked to the T. And then I realized I'd left my wallet at work, so I walked back. Yay. On my second return to the T, I realized I'd left my phone charger there, too, and decided I didn't really care.

On the T ride home, I knitted. This is a much better activity, although it gets me weird looks from pretty much everyone on the T. I think men knitting confuses people. Which is odd as they invented it, but whatever. I haven't particularly cared what anyone thought of me in a while.

Upon getting home, I discovered my roommate was there. He usually has meditation on tuesdays, so this was a surprise. I had rehearsal in an hour and a half, so I asked him if he wanted to play mariokart for an hour. He did, and so WE did. We played online with other people, which was new and fun.

Upon finishing I prepared the marinade for the dinner I was making that night, and put the pork in it. Then, Mike, who was driving to his girlfriend's to say hi, was leaving at the same time as me, and offered so nicely to give me a ride to my rehearsal!

Dynamite was playing in the car. I played along on my bone.

Rehearsal came! I was apparently cranky yesterday, alot of stuff got under my nerves. Our guitar player quit recently, and our tenor sax is on vacation so rehearsal was a bit sparse, and I think I was just sleepy. There were some other factors in the crankiness, but really, that's for me to work on.

By the end I was feeling a bit frustrated, and I turned on an album for the walk home. That album is one of the few entirely perfect albums in this world. From beginning to end, I cannot find a flaw with it. John Coltrane's Blue Train, ladies and gents. This album is essentially flawless.

I got home and began cooking my dinner, blasting Blue Train in the kitchen. Talked to Mike for a bit, then he played starcraft, and I just let coltrane wash over me while I made sweet and sour pork. It was like therapy. I felt so much better. I ate my dinner, and read some of my BONE anthology, and all of a sudden it was 11:30. Crazy!

But there was glee to be watched! And watch glee I did. I greatly enjoyed it, although I haven't seen Rocky Horror yet, and thus have no personal attachment to it, so I've no cause to get worked up like most people I know.

Jeff still hadn't come home, which was weird, but he works at a startup, so really not entirely unexpected. I decided to head up to bed, where I read for about 45 minutes and fell asleep.

Wow. How boring was this telling, huh? Apparently I'm just not in it. You're better off just watching the video.

Sorry. I'll be back on my game soon!

[Full list of questions]
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38 days of LJ Meme : Day 5 - What you ate [yester]day, in great detail

I wrote this about yesterday because today isn't done.



So. Let's see if I can't find a way to make this interesting, hmm?


I wandered restlessly into the kitchen, and AHA! there! ON THE COUNTER! Freshly made bread, via my roommate the herr retriever. Sometimes my roommate the herr retriever goes by the person name of Jeff. But mostly I either bark at him or call him the pooch. I'm serious. Actually, I didn't need to add that, anyone who's met me believes that. I'm just that kind of crazy. Not the stab you in the night kind of crazy. More the hug a stranger kind of crazy. Let's put it this way. I am that guy you're mildly afraid of on the T.

Where was I? OH. Bread. So my roommate's family makes bread every week, and I told him that his job as roommate was to carry this tradition in our apartment. He has begun! GUYS. FRESH BREAD. I love bread, quite a bit, really. So naturally I ate it. It was delicious. I didn't toast it, or put butter on it. I just sliced off a piece and went to town.

I wished I had orange juice and made a silent note to pick up orange juice later. [side-note: I never picked up orange juice later. Sad.] Then after quietly dancing around the kitchen to westbound train, I jumped in the shower where I'm pretty sure I imbibed some shower water. I sang "We Shall Overcome" loudly to the shower nozzle, and water just kind've went in. The woman who feeds her baby around 8:00 am every morning in the house across the yard looked out the window to try and find the phantom who sings in the shower. Our bathroom window is tiny. I felt safe and waved. She lives really far away, so there is no way she saw me, but no one can say I'm not friendly.

I walked from my apartment to the T station, roughly .7 miles away, but the walk is all on the bike path. Porter Square is a little closer, but fuck it, I like the bike path. I walked past a dog. I did not eat it. I was really hungry when I hit the T station for some reason. I never eat breakfast, so it didn't make any sense to me, but I walked past the food booths anyway. On the T, I read from my entire collection of BONE. [the comic] I didn't eat that either.

Usually on tuesdays, there are free bagels in the morning. These are usually from Panera, and they have a cinnamon crunch hidden amongst the packs. This, my friends, though bagel blasphemy to some, is my crack. TOAST THAT SHIT AND TOSS SOME CREAM CHEESE ON IT. But today was Wednesday! BUT! BUT MONDAY WAS A HOLIDAY, AND MAYBE THAT MEANT THERE WOULD BE BAGELS ON WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK! I was hopeful. I cranked up the recording of RMO's version of Deceptacon on my iPod as I gathered into the elevator, building up all my hope on my ride up, light bubbly dreams of bagels bouncing about in my head.

"here's to the man and his bombs his bombs his bombs" I muttered to myself as I wandered down the hallway to the cafeteria. "here's to the man and his motherfucking war games!" I thought to myself as I rounded the corner to find! NO BAGELS. What a let-down.

SO. ROUGHLY, NO BREAKFAST WAS HEAD EXCEPT FOR SOME BREAD. There was some orange juice in the soda fridge, which I found EXTREMELY exciting, so I grabbed two bottles, because I'm a greedy sunuvabitch. Fate was angered at me for this, clearly, for she made me spill the second bottle all over my keyboard. A little got on Fluffy, my velociraptor, too, but I cleaned him up and he's fine. I popped all the keys off and cleaned them, put them on, and silently got angry at my orange juice. We're cool now, I still love it.

Morning passed. LUNCH TIME CAME!!

I didn't make lunch today. It had been a long, amazing weekend, and I had been lazy. Usually for lunch I have some yogurt and a peanut butter sandwich, and some carrots, and some goldfish. Or leftovers. One of those two. BUT THIS TIME I DID NOT. And it was wednesday. Which, while it does not mean free bagels... it DOES MEAN CHILI DAY!

Chili day is a wonderful day in office-land because there is chili. I wandered with my coworkers to the cafeteria and got me a big cup of chili, and 3 pieces of bread to dip in it. I am clever with chili. I put cheese on the bottom of the cup, and in the middle. this way, when I mix it, the cheese melts all nice-nice. It's a tactic you're allowed to use if you want to. It helps.

Chili was delicious. With it I enjoyed a ginger ale. I gave up caffeine close to two years ago, so it's one of the few options in our fridge of mountain dew and diet cokes.


I went home for an hour, where I ate more bread.


We won 3 games of 10 in dodgeball, a personal record for our team, the flying wombats. We're pretty awesome.

There is a local bar to where we play that gives dodgeball teams two free pizza's after their games, so we went there. Last week we made friends with the bartender, Jen. She likes us and thinks we're cooky. How does one spell cooky? Whatever.

We each had two "jack-o-lanterns" which is to say, a black and tan, only instead of bass, you use a pumpkin ale. OH MY GOD. This is a genius decision. I decided I was hungry, and needing additional food to our shared pizzas, ordered a Cheesesteak.

This came in a grand fashion, with delicious french fries on the side, which I very happily enjoyed.

After cleaning my plate, we headed home, where I had no more food.

AND THAT IS WHAT I ATE [yester]day.

[Full list of questions]
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[Be warned. I have not edited this post. If you think it's because I am lazy, you are correct!]

I departed the Hein/Darke abode, and was on my way across Texas! WHEEE! It was a 10 hour driving day, and I finally hit the Hostel in the wee hours of the night. I was grateful to be done, and as I carried stuff into the N'awlins Hostel, which is, by the way a really awesome and really cheap place to stay in New Orleans, I passed 4 guys on the porch with a 40 of beer. It was one of the initial weekends of Mardi Gras, and I had picked up some french fries at a local place as I rolled in to the city, so I offered them some fries. Politely they declined, but instead they offered me some beer. I told them I'd be back, dropped my stuff off on my bunk, and came back to the porch, where I happily downed their beer.

New Orleans

We hung out on the porch for a bit, where I learned their life stories. They were visiting from Pittsburgh, had already been out the night before, and were planning on getting royally shitfaced. And, they quickly informed me: "So are you." Who am I to deny the request of four complete strangers on a porch in Louisiana?


We sat and talked for a bit, amusing ourselves with discussion of King Cake and the drunken ladies who continued to flirt with me as I repeatedly told them I was gay. It was a good evening. Soon, we were out the door and headed towards Bourbon Street, where I was informed "my mind would be blown."

Two promises!

We arrived at Bourbon Street around 12:45 a.m. and. Well. It was blown. Have any of you seen Season 2 of True Blood? You know when MaryAnn is in the town, and she basically causes this orgy and everyone basically just starts fucking in the street partially or completely naked and completely drunk or stoned out of their minds? Ok. That is the closest I can come to describe this experience. Except that there were police horses. And there was no *ACTUAL* fucking. I think.

New Orleans

It was vaguely incredible, but as someone with space and crowd issues - intensely overwhelming. I followed my hosts to a bar where they supplied me with grain alcohol. [!!??!!] and we wandered the street aimlessly.

One of my compatriots found a packet of pamphlets intended to convert the heathens of the affair to Christians lightly trampled in the gutter and took it upon himself to begin distributing them himself. I admit that I found it quite hilarious, but as I mentioned above, I found the entire experience enjoyable, but a bit too overwhelming, so after an hour I bid good evening to my compatriots, and made my way back to the hostel for a night of sleep. Sleep was great! I highly recommend it.

New Orleans

The next morning, surprisingly, did not come too early, though I was the first in the hostel awake at about 7:30, and I quietly showered and prepared for the day. I had gotten accustomed to traveling now, and I was enjoying the rhythm I'd created. I burst out of the hostel with my camera bag on, enjoying the crisp but fairly warm day and determined to wander aimlessly for hours. Success, kids.

I walked down to the waters edge, and made my way to the Cafe Du Monde, where I was informed I was to try their Beignets.

terry got beignets!


Have you had beignets?



They're pretty amazing.

I arrived to a line stretching a good quarter of a mile, no exaggeration, and I wandered down to an area behind the restaurant to get a better look, attempting to decide if I actually had intentions of waiting in this line. There I noticed a man in a wonderful striped uniform, wandering. I smiled at him, and he came over and asked me how many Beignets I would like. I felt like I had just discovered a cheat code. I asked for a bag, and gave him the money needed. Two minutes later, he came back with the Beignets. SUCCESS. This is the best system ever.

New Orleans

I walked a bit further as I destroyed what had become the new best-thing-ever-to-eat-ever and hopped on a trolley which would take me to the main drag. I had done my research and discovered the N'awlins bear group was meeting along one of the parade routes that day to drink beers, talk, and watch the parade. Scary though this was to me as a shy-folk, I decided it would be a good thing to do, so I wandered my way to where the watching was occurring.

Everyone was really friendly as I've come to discover is the norm in the south. I encountered two LJ folk, though I didn't really get to interact with either, as I didn't know one was an LJ user [[livejournal.com profile] lightthewayhome] and I wasn't yet friends with one of them [[livejournal.com profile] charliebearnj]. The parade was a hoot, too. I was glad to have found people I could hang out with in the city again, though I had enjoyed wandering aimlessly on my own, it's always more fun to do things with others. We sat and talked and watched the world walk by, and soon it was late afternoon and I was invited to a super bowl gathering at a bar called John Paul's.

New Orleans

Did I mention I was in New Orleans during the Super Bowl? Oh. I was in New Orleans during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl that the Saints won. OH my. Do you want to talk about an amazing experience? That was unbelievable. I was really glad to be in a bar with locals, far away from Bourbon Street. Sharing in their genuine joy and spirit of the game was unbelievable. I keep using the word unbelievable, which is probably getting redundant. It was infectious, and I, who have never once gave one shit who won the Super Bowl, found myself caring deeply, and getting into the game. What a community.

And the saints won, dudes. And the city EXPLODED in fire, light, and joy. I was away from the downtown and I could hear it from where I was. It was an unrepeatable, irrefutably amazing moment, that I will certainly not forget within my lifetime. I stayed with them and celebrated in an incredibly welcomed way for a good many further hours before attempting to drive back to my hostel. I made it in tact, and snuggled into my bunk for my last slumber in New Orleans.

The next morning found me awake early again, so I did not have to fight for the shower once again. Joy! I threw my every belonging in my bag with a few beads as souvenirs, and said goodbye to my hostel.

terry and i are departing the hostel

Drove downtown for one last walk-about before my long drive to Atlanta. After parking, I made my way to Cafe Du Monde again, this time getting two bags of Beignets because I had already become an addict. I found my new best friend in a striped uniform again, and he hooked me up in the most subtle way possible. Is this what doing a drug deal feels like? Are beignets drugs? Why aren't there beignets in Boston? When can I have them again? I think I have a problem.

I had one goal in New Orleans when I began the trip, and that was to find the Ignatius Reilly statue I had heard rumors of. I have read A Confederacy of Dunces a large number of times, and in fact, it is one of my three favorite books of all time. I love it. It was thrilling to be in the city it was based in, and even more so to discover I loved this city [I would like to live there some day - a fact that makes my sister stare at me like I'm vaguely insane, and my mother quiver] I am not sure where they are hiding this statue. I tried hard to find it, and failed. Thankfully, I found this hot dog cart on my journey, and I was getting close to the time I had to leave by, so I counted it as a close second ACOD reference.

New Orleans

And then I wandered to my car, sadly, wishing I had far more time to explore the city. I turned my keys, cranked the stereo, and enjoyed the final bits of neighborhood as I made my way towards my one night stay in Atlanta.

New Orleans
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Today I got up at an abhorrently early hour, and drove to Texas. Just short of a 12 hour drive. I managed to amuse myself pretty heavily with billboards, twitter and my camera. Let me tell you a little something about Missouri! There are about ninety billion billboards for Meramec Caverns. That is not even a horribly large exaggeration. In fact, I counted at some point, and within 1 minute, I went past 15. Also high on my enjoyment list was going past a billboard for the Precious Moments headquarters, that advertised it as the "Sistine Chapel of the U.S." If only I'd had time to stop and visit this no doubt miraculous and frightening gift to the American public. Not just that, but I passed the Vacuum Museum. And a sign that offered Bulls For Rent! [anyone want to go halfsies!?]

Oklahoma was not nearly as boring as I'd imagined. They have gas stations that have dinosaurs on them: Sinclair. And the speed limit is 75. It probably helps that I got terrifyingly lost for the first time. No maps and my gps was failing. So I drove amongst the corn fields as my gas approached empty 'til I somehow found a gas station and the highway. Terry helped pump the gas. The Texas Border Came! and with it a nice round of rain and cold - immediately shattering every image of Texas I had. This was saved by a billboard for sporting goods, gifts, and christian supplies. [Yes. Really.]

I landed at Jerry's! Some of you may remember him from his LJ days, when he ruled the interwebs as [livejournal.com profile] dinoadventures. We've been pretty well in touch the entire time, talking pretty much every day, and it was nice to meet up with him again. I no sooner touched base than we were OFF with a night of awesome planned.

First, we went to his rock gym! We both climb alot, so it just made sense to go together. These photos are by Jerry, and I haven't asked permission yet.

From there, he took me to a Texas Burger place, where I quickly learned what a horrible job we do making burgers in the north east. Holy Crap you guys. Hollly Crap. They are wide instead of thick, and they taste like awesome. Just kinda blew my head away.


After this, we traveled our way to The Flying Saucer home of tons and tons of beer. Here, Jerry introduced me to all kind's of local beer I couldn't have tried in cambridge-land before we retired to his 'partment to sleep and prepare for the next morning!


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