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Day Thirteen

Jacin and Mom
San Francisco, CA
Canon FT QL
Kodak Tri-X 400

San Francisco by Night

Vaillancourt Fountain

Lunch from Out The Door

Day Ten

Jan. 12th, 2012 10:31 am
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Day Ten

Jacin & Pat outside the Embarcardero
San Francisco, CA
Canon FT QL
Kodak Portra 400

Rhody at Rest

Dad tickling Mom



Mom outside Embarcadero
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Dad and David

We hopped on the bus and were on our way to the grand event!

To be frank, I'm breaking this up because I've decided to stop using an lj-cut, and as this tends to function as my own personal journal of these days as well, I don't WANT to cut down too much.

The next post will be more interesting.

Arm extended photo yaay

David and Breanne

Jocelyn and Dad

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A perfect combination, I assure you

Woke up, did not have a hangover, unlike most family members and the like. Took a walk with the cousins, went swimming again, showered, got dressed to get on the bus that would take us to the wedding!

Me and Jocelyn




Nov. 2nd, 2011 05:00 pm
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Katie's Birthday Party

We had a birthday party for Katie at my apartment, and I left early to pick up my brother in law from the airport, then drive down to meet my family at the hotel we were staying in for my cousins wedding that weekend. When we arrived there was a great drunken cheer and we were informed that we were, at the grooms bidding, going swimming. In the atlantic ocean. In May. At 2 am. After some Harry Belafonte and limbo to spriten us up, and some glasses of wine, we accomplished our freezing cold, incredibly stupid, and unstoppably memorable act.

Katie's Birthday Party

The night before Caitlin's Wedding

The night before Caitlin's Wedding


Jun. 22nd, 2011 03:01 pm
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Be Healthy Drink Milk

Woke up, and did some work while my parents wandered around and got breakfast ready. Took advantage of the outdoor shower [nothing better, ever], and then had a delicious breakfast with the folks. I helped him move their kayaks to the ocean, and we all headed out and I stopped in Providence to see Alan and work on his website [now live: http://angryalan.com] and my friend Brandon. We then got cheesecake! Then I headed home. This weekend, also, I deem a success.



More photos! )


Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:55 pm
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Four-Berry Rhubarb Pie for my birthday made by my dad

So, today we all got up and sat on the porch for a few hours nursing warm drinks and orange juice before getting our act together and walking to Johnny D's for a most bodacious brunch. Stopped by the comic store, too, then headed home and chilled out for a bit. I hopped in the car soon after and made my way to Rhody, where my parents have a house, and we had our family celebration. My dad made steak and FOUR-BERRY RHUBARB PIE! It was amazing, and as I'm weird and don't like cake or brownies or the like, it was perfect. Then we played Uno, which I love, and closed the night out with a viewing of the classic "Follow Me Boys" which none of you will know. I've gotten used to that.

Dad on my birthday, playing Uno

Mom on my birthday, playing Uno

Artichoke for my birthday! made by my dad

Steak for my birthday made by my dad


Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:50 pm
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Today was the birthday party event! My roommates threw it for me, and we had a grand time. There was a mass amount of dancing, singing, beer pong, flip cup, happiness, invisible kittens, tap dancing, family, friends, dinosaurs, bears, beer, and joy. I deem it a wild success.

In Which we are Prepared for my birthday party

In Which we are Prepared for my birthday party


May. 25th, 2011 02:05 pm
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  • Easter Rabbit

It was easter! I drove home early in the morning to spend the day with my folks. Spent a good portion of the morning clearing out possessions from their attic so they could sell them. It was a bit odd, really. A definite nostalgia rush. then drove to visit my grandma, and then my grandparents, then spent some time with my cousin who was in town. Had some serious friend angst on the drive home and then solved it.

  • At The Stash Spot

  • mom & Dad

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41 Graves Avenue with Self-Portrait

A year.

March 2010
Yashica MAT-124
Fujichrome Velvia50
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Dad on Christmas [with film imperfections]

December 2010

Yashica MAT-124
Kodak 400TX
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Grandma Opening Presents

I have confirmed it is their scanning work with someone else who has used it. Rectifying!

Yashica MAT-124
Kodak 400NC
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38 days of LJ Meme : Day 6 – Your definition of love, in great detail


So, yesterdays was about FOOD. Todays is about love?

Heavy change.




Love is squishy.

Love is all warm and toasty and you feel it in your upper chest sometimes and it's just like you had a shot of good whiskey, or I guess hot chocolate, but lets be honest: good whiskey. And you feel warm and glowy, and just right. And the warmth spreads a little and you can feel it in your cheeks sometimes, but mostly it rests inside and makes you feel wonderful.

It's um.

I mean. Love is... fuck this is hard.

Love is... wanting, deep inside, to ensure to the greatest of your abilities, that the object of said love is as happy as humanly possible. Love is rarely careful.

Love is not a delicate ballet, it's a full-out "It's 3 A.M. and I'm blasting this music and dancing in the living room in my socks because goddamn it, it's awesome, this song is great, and I'm having a friggin blast."

Love is not needing to win every argument. It's ice cream after midnight.

I guess at it's most basic it's just a hellofalot of caring.

Love hurts sometimes, but it's usually in that "Damn, I had an awesome time making this hurt." kind've way. Except you don't notice 'til after it stops hurting so much.

Love is frigging awesome. It's ... Love is great. Let's all do it. 'Kay?

Okay, Todd out. This is too difficult for me to try and elaborate more.

Whatever, that wasn't great detail. But it was SOME detail. You're over it.

[Full list of questions]
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38 days of LJ Meme : Day 3 – Your parents, in great detail

Will this meme ever ask for mediocre detail, or would that be too amusing?

I guess individually, then together?


My mom is 58 years old. She was born March 11th, in San Diego, California. My grandfather was a pilot in the navy, which means she lived in something like 13 states as she grew up. She has two brothers, and as I understand it was something of a tom-boy. She started college at the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. She did not finish there, and moved to Guilford with her folks, where, after attending dog grooming school in New York City, she opened up a pet grooming business in the basement of my grandfather's pet store in my hometown. This store is called Peppers. This is where she and my dad met, in fact. More on that later.

My mom is an amazing French Horn player, as well as essentially every instrument, and she wanted to be a teacher. She lived at home while I was growing up and in the younger grades, but when I entered 4th or 5th grade she started working at the local middle school, first as a para, but then as an assistant music teacher. She then began the process of finishing her bachelors degree, and succeeded in 2000, making her the first in her family to do so. She got a job teaching band, chorus, and general music, not to mention doing the music aspects of the musical at a middle school in New Haven, Connecticut. She's been teaching there since, and got her and has also since worked for and received her masters! My mom is frigging awesome, eh?

My mom is a big influence in me creatively and musically. Music is a really really big part of my life, and my mother played a huge role in the development of that. I can remember driving around singing in the car to musicals, the beach boys, and a variety of oldies. She brought me to my first play audition, and all the rehearsals. Also, honor band, and before-school band. My mom and I shared our work commute for a long time, and we'd talk and sing. I gain a lot of my most basic interaction skills from my mom, and my sentimentality. I've learned patience, ethics, caring, and hard work from her. We have a ton of personal jokes, and I talk to her at least once a week. I am definetly a momma's boy, and that's just fine.


My dad is 59. He was born in my hometown, Guilford, Connecticut! He grew up on the farm my grandparents owned, and was the son of a former marine, and my grandmother. One of 6 siblings, he grew up working at the family hardware store. He played trombone in school, just like me! My dad has always been a hardworking, concientious person, and it shows even in letters and school work from his formative years. He went to college at Nichols, in Massachussets, and after completing, returned to Guilford where he took over the family hardware store.

My dad successfully ran the hardware store until a few years ago when he sold it to my cousin Andrew. He now works there 5 days a week on his own hours. He's a staple in the community in my hometown, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a resident that doesn't know him. He was in the Volunteer Fire Department for a number of years, and he has been on the committee for a parade that occurs over fair weekend in my hometown for years. When I began doing marching band in high school, my dad became obsessed with football. He is now also obsessed with basketball, especially at URI where my folks now have a house. In case it wasn't clear, my dad is a kick-ass dude.

My dad has, among other things, taught me the importance of hard work, honesty, and focusing on the details. He's taught me the importance of respect, and enforcing good habits. He's also taught me about not getting caught up in the small things that make you anxious, and everything I know about grilling. The man grills 365 days a year. A habit I have happily taken up, which my roommates are well pleased about. I don't think he's ever forgotten a birthday, and he has happily mailed me the sunday funnies, along with a smattering of other goodies from home ever since I started college. My dad consistently reminds me to enjoy life, while staying focused on goals. He would remind me to enjoy college beyond simply studying, and not to get *TOO* worked up about my GPA. I've learned more than I can explain from my father, a lot of which is honestly just how to be a good person and use common sense. I don't always succeed at using the lesson, but I try.

My dad brought his dog to be groomed. The girl that was grooming his dog was cute. He brought his dog in again, for the sole purpose of asking said girl out. This is the story as I remember it. My folks are great. Obviously we've had our disagreements, being human beings, and given that I was at some point in my life a teenager, even if it wasn't always when I was actually a teenager. They were great to my sister and I. We have a great relationship now. We had rocky periods, but now we have a rock-solid relationship. It's great.

As a couple they balance well. Both are good natured and with a good sense of humor. The areas of life that my mom is generally chill about are the ones that my dad is generally obsessive about, and the ones my dad is pretty chill with are the ones my mom is usually obsessive about. They share a ton, too. I feel really fortunate to have had my folks, and to have had them stay together. That was something I was really concious of in high school.

Also, they're total goof balls, and I totally love them.

[hi guys.]

[Full list of questions]
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No, really.  Most of you saw this linked from facebook or google reader, but you can vote more than once, and she's so close.  Back-story.  Jacin is my sister.  My sister who is getting married in September.  My sister who is getting married in September to an awesome dude and who has been blogging about the process [jacinandpat.blogspot.com]  Anywho - it seems there is quite a community around wedding blogs, and the wedding channel rounded up a bunch of them and picked 6 finalists.  Jacin happens to be one of them.  Not only does she get a cash prize if she wins, but more importantly [to my sister, anyway] she will be featured and have the pride factor of being the #1 2010 wedding blog in the consideration of the Wedding Channel.  Ladies and Gentleman my sister is a wonderful lady who gets pretty excited, and this will pretty much make her year.  So.  You know,   help a sister out.  You don't need to register, just click "she said yes".  Here's the excerpt from her blog:

  i'm sorry, i'm not yelling, but i am REALLY excited!!!

i feel so honored to have been included and the other blogs are quite some stiff competition!  but i'm really excited!  so if you like my blog and want to help me try to win, please click here to nominate "she said yes!"

if the links don't work, enter this in to your browser: http://weddings.weddingchannel.com/wedding-planning-ideas/bridal-blog-awards/articles/best-real-bride-blog.aspx

thank you thank you thank you for even contemplating to vote for me - it will MAKE MY DAY!!!!!
[and thanks to Matt on my sisters behalf for spreading this along]

Hazel Page

Mar. 16th, 2010 01:41 am
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My grandmother passed away Saturday, March 5th at 3:45 A.M. [Thanks to those of you who put that together and sent warm messages - I'm not a huge sharer here. Not explicitly anyway. I tend to act through images and music] So here are some words. You'll forgive me for not putting most of them under a cut.

My grandmother lived 1 mile away from me for over 3/4 of my life. We visited her every week as a family, and I often visited her on my own - that's a short bike ride, and it was on the way to and from my elementary school and the family hardware store, where I worked from the ages of 7 to 19. There were no closed doors at my grandmothers. As long as the Peugeot was in the garage [while she had the Peugeot - which I later bought from her, and which now belongs to my cousin Rachel] the door was open. You'd simply knock and then wander in. "Can you sit awhile?" was nearly always her response. She'd have on her couch her latest work of knitting and a mystery novel.

Often the conversation would turn into one of many games - Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, or a score of others. Usually, when I visited, we played Uno. We played it so consistently that we not only made our own house rules, we had a slip of paper inside the box, keeping score between all of our games. At last checking it was something like 85-76. Meals at her house were amazing, no matter the size or occasion. Ask any of my cousin's who makes the worlds greatest grilled cheese sandwich, and they will tell you the answer simply.

She was also renowned for her cakes, pies, stew, jams, jellies, pickles, and any of a variety of other foods. And all of it with no recipes. A few books could be scoured in her house, but when asked the recipe to most of her delectable treats, the response would be a list of ingredients with no quantities. "Oh, and maybe some cinnamon. I honestly don't know."

She used that skill to host a variety of events throughout the year. She held a clambake for my dad, his brothers and sister and their spouses every year. She was the official host of Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, until 2 years ago. This was an event attended by my uncle Logan and his new wife Barbara, my immediate family, and my aunt Pam's family, consisting of her and husband jack, and their children Caitlin and Adam - with the occasional serious boyfriend.

She loved poetry, and Christmas eve proceeded the same way every year. We'd gather in the living room and talk over a plate of Ritz crackers, pepperoni, and cheese; and an artichoke with it's corresponding dip. When dinner was ready we'd slip into the dining room, pass around the plates and eat, talk about how full we were, then head back into the living room, where we would each read aloud a poem we had selected or written. [hah, you didn't think the poetry bit was related, did you?] After this we'd have a yankee swap, and after further conversation, we'd head home feeling warm and full, not just of food, but of love and family.

My grandmother was the center of our family. As my aunt noted at her service, she didn't believe in organized religion, but she did believe in nature and family. Our family is a large unit, but we are definitely a unit, with her holding everyone together. I wrote about how amazing my fucking awesome family is, before. We're large and insane, but we're also accepting and there for each other no matter what happens. We are welcoming to the point that not only are both my widowed aunts a member to the highest degree, and attendants at every function, but my aunt's new husband is also a member of our family, has been for 25 years, and now his sons [from before the wedding] are a part of our family, and attendants at our functions.

My grandmother lived a long life [92 years], very full and full of courage and strength. She lived through a series of wars, she lived through a number of traumas and deaths within the family, including her husband and two sons. She raised six children. Stanley, Wayne, Logan, Pamela, Stephen, and Calvin [Woody]. She has even more grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and that number continues to grow. And she remembered the birthday of every. last. one of them. Without a date book. Not just that but she remembered all of our likes and dislikes. She remembered our favorite cake. She remembered what we wanted to be when we grew up. How we liked our jobs, where our jobs were. She took the time to hand-craft a valentine for each of us every year.

Obviously, she wasn't a saint. She called the neighbours colored people. But she is one of the most amazing women I have ever known. It's hard to imagine what thanksgiving, Christmas, and the all important 4th of July will be like. It's hard to think about visiting Guilford without visiting Mimi. I think it says a lot that all of us made a determined effort to stop by Mimi's, regardless of the shortness of visit, whenever we were in Guilford. Often more than once. And it wasn't a "We need to visit our grandmother because that's what grandchildren do" visit. It was sincere and it was because we wanted to be in her presence.

I was home all of the weekend, and then Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I think it also speaks alot that nearly all of my family, with 4 days notice, flew home in time for the service. This includes two cousins in San Francisco, one cousin in Minnesota, and one in London, England. The service was family only, and there was roughly 75 in attendance.

My sister Jacin also came home Monday, and it was good to have everyone around. It's nicer when it's for a holiday or a wedding, but having everyone at hand is always a pleasure. Jacin and I took some time to drive around, blasting flogging molly and talking and crying. When If I Ever Leave This World Alive came on, we both screamed along with the words, sobbing as we drove. We also both mentioned we wanted it played at our services. Jacin made a button that night for everyone in attendance at the service. We're still wearing ours.

One of the grandchildren from each of Mimi's children's family was to be a pallbearer for my grandmother, the other was to do a reading. I was allowed to write up and deliver a talk of memories of my grandmother. My sister Jacin and my cousins Courtney, Claudia, Christopher, Adam, and Jonathan were the pallbearers.

The service was held at the funeral home and per my grandmother's wishes it was non-denominational, short, sweet, and closed casket. We began by reading two of her favorite poems, picked by her, The first [To be put here when I get it from my cousin] At some point the cousin referenced something purple and my cousins and I looked at each other with a smile. Our nickname for her was Purple Haze, as she would get a perm once a week, and for 3 hours afterward her hair would be purple. And her name was Hazel. The second "poem" was the following, from Joseph Campbell: “Our family is a circle of love and strength. With every birth and every union, the circle grows. Every joy shared adds more love. Every obstacle faced together makes the circle stronger.” This was followed by what I had written up:here, but it's kind've a condensed version of this. so... there it is. ) and my cousin Caitlin read an essay she had written about her in high school. [Which I will put here when I gather it from her.]

We sang a hymn picked out by my Grandmother, In The Garden [listen here]. When asked why a hymn if she was non-religious my uncles response was "You know, just in case.". Did I mention I love my family? We were all sobbing, and most of us are not known for our singing ability. It was somewhat humorous, probably.

Next my cousin Jocelyn, who carries a masters in Poetry, read a poem she wrote on the flight over from London. Which was stunningly beautiful.
This was followed by singing along with the Tony Bennett classic "I Left My Heart in San Francisco". [Hear, here] When this was finished, after a series of hugs, we began the drive from the funeral home to the funeral. Per her request, we circled the town green twice. The funeral director paused in front of my family's hardware store both times, which was a really wonderful touch. We then carried forth to the grave site, and placed her next to her husband. My cousin Brian said the lords prayer, and we all held our silence and thoughts for as long as we needed to, before saying a final goodbye, and trailing out, making our way to my Uncle Logan's residence.

And this is where my family saluted her in a grand and glorious way. With 8 [eight] hours of partying together, as a family. Talking, Laughing, Crying, reminiscing, being together. Many of us had a rum and coke [her drink] in her honor [most of us had a plethora of other drinks in her honor as well], but all of us came together as a family to celebrate her life as one unit. Stories abounded, and we were all reminded of how lucky we are to have each other, to be a member of each others lives, and shared our appreciation for this wonderful wonderful woman that brought us all together and guided us for so long.

I think maybe that is all I have to say right now. Well, no. I have billions of things to say, but I am officially exhausted in all respects. Love you, Mimi. Love you, all family who may stumble upon this. Love the rest of you too.
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Our Thanksgiving
#87: Cook a meal I have not made once a week – round 12 / OUR THANKSGIVING
Jeff and I hosted a thanksgiving potluck for a group of our friends the sunday before thanksgiving, and everyone made delicious delicious food.

I made turkey with stuffing and tofurkey [we had 3 vegetarians], Jeff made nomalicious Mashed Potatoes and Corn Bread, Katie and Mike made mouthwatering Apple and Pumpkin Pie [from scratch!], Mike also brought some tasty cheese and crackers and home-made hummus, Lewis [[livejournal.com profile] bix02138] brought superb Maple-glazed carrots, Caramelized Brussel Sprouts [they were delicious, shut yo' face] and Corn Bread Stuffing, Becky made fingerlicking good rolls and broccoli casserole, J-Mack made wonderful squash with special things that I don't remember the specifics of, Autumn made awesome sweet potatoes, and Brandon made a sweet chocolate chip banana-bread cake.

It was a really wonderful day, all of the food was super delicious, and it was great fun to have everyone gathered together. What a great spirit and mood... I can't wait to do it next year. I love you guys.

So, as for how I made my food.

Recipe, Directions and Results for Turkey )

Recipe, Directions and results for Tofurkey )


Sep. 6th, 2009 02:12 pm
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This weekend my cousin Courtney got married. The wedding itself happened yesterday, but this entire weekend has been a celebration of her big moment, and of my family as a whole. Friday night found all of the cousins in my generation [about 20] and some aunts and uncles at my aunt becky and uncle woody's house. We gathered and began with conversation, beer, and wine, catching up and bubbling happily. Then my sister discovered the stereo and the harry belafonte cd. Harry Belafonte has a rich position in my family. We all know all the lyrics. I don't know if that's common or normal, but I doubt it is. I have some very specific memories involving that man. For example, waiting for a trip to the antigua, my sister, courtney, her sister breanne [my age] when I was in what must have been 7th or 8th grade - the year of the airline strikes. It was 5 am and we had been in the airport for many many hours. All of a sudden, we just started singing "Day-O" loudly and exuberantly. Some people stared as they walked past, some people joined in. We were having a great time. I can also remember Courtney and Jacin squeaking out Ma-Til-Da! Regardless of why or how we know it all, we all do. And an impromptu dance/sing-along party broke out. Harry Belafonte turned into Billy Joel, bled into Boston, faded into Grease, flowed into a plethora of other songs, and everyone danced and talked and made asses of themselves. In the best way possible.

That's whats so great about my family. Image isn't important, we can not see each other for months and we're still there for each other. Insane? Inquestionably. But still there, and goofy. We can convene and just do whatever. The only family I know where one can receive underwear as a gag-gift and promptly place it on their head. Where an aunt will place asparagus in their mouth a-la a walrus, and then everyone will join in. And you know when things get serious the support will be just as firm.

Yesterday was the wedding... and it was wonderful. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was filled with conversation, frivolity, and dancing. EVERYONE danced at some point, the band played happily and well, and the drinks and food flowed like honey. I can't describe the community appropriately. I'll underdescribe it. But it's just so awesome. And many of them have taken the time to note to me how happy they are for me. Afterwords a plethora of cousins and myself wandered to a bar. And continued the evening.

This morning, my parents prepared a luscious, huge brunch for the family. Muffins and eggs and sausage and biscuits with gravy. And everyone came over and we shared and talked and chatted for yet another time into the afternoon. Now it is time for me to head into Boston, but I wanted to share the wonderfulness that is my family, and express it to remember. I can't get over what an insanely huge, cohesive unit we are. Sure they drive me crazy at times, and I drive them crazy too. But no matter what, we're family, and a pretty good one at that.

Did I mention they're insane. Oh. And we are insane.

Peace and love to y'all.
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Day 237/365 [Year 2]

Today was my cousin Courtney's wedding shower.

So all the guys went golfing.

I enjoyed it more than I expected, though I am still not enamored with the sport.



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