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I've been severely remiss in posting my 101 in 1001 updates. So I'm going to slowly catch up. I have 5 concerts, a ton of meals, and a bunch of other stuff. So. Yeah.


Band: State Radio
Venue: Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
Date of Concert: 01/28/10
First Opener: American Fangs

  • I have to be honest, guys.  A lot was going on this day, and I showed up late.  I literally strolled in as SR was doing their first song.
Set List:
  • Time Served [Dispatch Cover [front-man chad was one of the members of Dispatch]]
  • Held Up By The Wires
  • Man in the Hall
Second Encore:
  • Black Cab Motorcade
  • Olli Olli
Main Act Thoughts:
  • Wow.  Am I glad I dragged my ass to Providence for this show.  They did an amazing live set, and I was reminded about how much fun it is to see a show with people I like.  We danced and sang, and rocked the fuck out from the back of the venue.  Two encores was unbelievable, and it was made a bit more exciting by the fact that it was being recorded for a live album.  They played a really good mixture of old and new songs, and the audience was great.  I have yet to regret seeing a show by this band.  I don’t really think I ever will.

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Between The Buried And Me

A few months ago, I was thumbing through the tour dates of bands I like, and I stumbled across the fact that Between The Buried And Me was going to be soon playing in Albany. Now I learned about the band from my friend and amazing photographer Angry Alan [link]. Alan lives in Albany, so I contacted him to see if he was going. Not only was he going, but he managed to score us free tickets and photo passes. This was my first time having a photo pass to a concert, and it was pretty effing thrilling. I pretty much lost it.

Between The Buried And Me is a heavy metal band based out of Raleigh, NC. The members of this band are some of the most talented musicians I have encountered. They provide sharp tactful harmonies at a speed that is dizzying to jet fighters. But they aren't simply hard or fast to be hard or fast, they have carefully thought out rhythms, every instrument and vocal working together to make a song that is more like an artistic piece. The lyrics are impacting and powerful, and they slow it down occasionally, showing their diversity and skill as musicians is not limited to one styling. Seeing them live was a rather unbelievable experience.

10 more images under here - including my 3 FAVORITES. )
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I was brought to a concert Saturday evening, at Copperfield's Pub by Fenway, to see Shaun Dever play. I had never heard of him, but I'm always in for a good live performance, which I was assured it would be. And I was not disappointed. Shaun played well, and had a very nice voice. Some great lyrics too. Worth checking out, kids. As I listened to the music, I pulled out my f/1.4 manual lens and had a grand old time. Starting with my standard foot shot above, here are the results.

And of course, be sure to check Shaun's music out: http://www.myspace.com/shaundever

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#16: Attend 35 concerts : Part 3
Band: State Radio
Venue: The Paradise, Boston, MA
Date of Concert: 09/29/09

First Opener: Laura Goldhamer & The Silvernail Band
     •This was literally one of the most painful things I have ever encountered. A dirty girl in a 1940s maternity dress with dreadlocks, screaming with no pitch while "playing" a banjo. Her two bandmates played guitar and keyboard with some to no semblance of skill. Behind them played frightening stop-motion videos she had made. I don't understand how someone would enjoy this while not on brain-altering chemicals. The video's showed some creativity, though.

Set List:
     •Mansin Humanity
     •Calling all Crows
     •Gang of Thieves*
     •Doctor Ron the Actor
     •Arsenic and Clover
     •Fall of the American Empire*
     •Right Me Up*
     •Knights of Bostonia
     •Bohemian Grove
     •NEW song. Like new new
     •Let it Go
     •Held Up By The Wires
     •Blood Escaping Man
     •Time Served [Dispatch Cover [front-man chad was one of the members of Dispatch]]

     •Still and Silent

Main Act Thoughts:
     •This was the best concert I've attended in a long time. I don't know how exactly it works, but with no outside influence [read, no beer/drugs], at the right show, when the band is on and good, and the audience has the right attitude, at certain points, I very literally lose direct conciousness, and I am one with the music. The rhythm and sound takes control and I simply let my body dance and move to the beat. It sounds insane, I know, but my awareness very much leaves and it's like the music inhabits me. This happened at this concert. State Radio is in my trifecta of favorite bands, and while their albums are great, it's nothing compared with their live sound/feel. I lose my direct awareness, and have this lucid connection with the music and the moment. I keep trying to describe what it feels like, when everything just lets go and I have this intimate relationship with the music and those around me. It's like a lucid dream, I suppose. Regardless, the show was unreal. A great set. This concert was a release concert for their new album, let it go. So they played the new album in order, but put some old songs in the middle of them to split it up. I marked the old songs with an *. I wish they had played Revolutionaries or Guantanamo instead of Fall of the American Empire [I think fall... is one of their weaker songs] but overall I can't complain at all about the setlist. I don't think this is their strongest album to date, but it is really good, and all my friends think of it as their best to date.

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#16: Attend 35 concerts : Part 2
Band: Jonathan Coulton
Venue: The Paradise, Boston, MA
Date of Concert: 09/26/09

First Opener: Paul and Storm
     •Absolutely hilarious, a great repoire with the audience. Just as good as JoCo. I reccomend you check them out. I will see them headline if I can.
Set List:
     •Betty and Me
     •Skullcrusher Mountain
     •Millionaire Girlfriend
     •So Far, So Good
     •Big Bad World One
     •Blue Sunny Day
     •Always the Moon
     •Creepy Doll
     •Mr. Fancy Pants
     •Code Monkey
     •The Presidents
     •The Future Soon
     •Mandelbrot Set
     •Still Alive [the song from Portal]
     •Re: Your Brains
     •A Talk With George
     •First of May
Main Act Thoughts:
     •JoCo does a phenomenal performance. He's a lot of fun. He is a really talented musician, with an acoustic folk style, but mostly he is a geek. Yes. He was once a software engineer, but quit his job to become a musician. Rising to fame for his project in which he wrote a song every week for a year, and released it to the internet fo' free. He rose to further fame when he was asked to write the song for the closing credits of the extremely popular game Portal. [Came with Orange Box] He's extremely witty and clever, and provides alot of intelligent songs. He works with the audience nicely, and performs just as well live as he does on the recordings. He's something of a geek hero. We lurve him.

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#16: Attend 35 concerts : Part 1

Band: Streetlight Manifesto
Venue: House of Blues, Boston, MA
Date of Concert: 09/22/09

First Opener: Broadway Calls
     •Great punk band! Authentic sound, and genuinely well done songs.
Second Opener: Outernational
     •Few and far between are the occasions where I actively hated having to stand in a concert venue and listen to drivel as much as I did with this act. No talent, and they tried to hide it with volume.
Set List:
     •That'll Be The Day
     •We Will Fall Together
     •Down, Down, Down to Mephisto's Cafe
     •Point/Counterpoint - Keasbey Nights - Point/Counterpoint
     •Would You be Impressed
     •Forty Days
     •Watch it Crash
     •A Moment of Silence
     •A Moment of Violence
     •Here's to Life
     •Somewhere in the Between
     •Failing, Flailing
     •The Big Sleep
Main Act Thoughts:
     •Amazing. I have yet to be dismayed by a live set from this band. And it looks like the point of dismayal is not coming anytime soon. They play incredibly intricate songs, and they do so just as tightly live as they do on their albums, working with the crowd, but also providing a persistent and non-stop drive, all-the-way-through.

Did I mention that this is my favorite band of all time? I think they're unspeakably talented. I can't even handle how amazing they are. And every time I see them live it just reminds me of how much they deserve that praise. [Ian: This is my U2]

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Decided I'm going to try to keep track of the set list for concerts I see from now on, for whatever reason.

Saw Incubus last night, my friend surprised me with tickets as a grooms-man present.

They did a great live show - set as follows:

Pardon Me
Nice to know you
Anna Molly
Love Hurts
Make Yourself*
A Certain Shade of Green
Oil and Water
Midnight Swim
A Kiss to Send Us Off
Wish You Were Here
Aqueous Transmission

Are You In
COVER: Prince - Let's go Crazy

Only song I wanted to here that they didn't play was the warmth.

*Intimate not-quite-acoustic set. Basically just undistorted, no drumset, and no turntables


May. 10th, 2009 10:17 am
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My standard concert preview image... shoes.

Also, I'm 23 now.

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This Saturday, my friends and I, through some digging in various areas, discovered [Okay, Kateri did the dirty work] that State Radio, one of my favorite bands, and certainly their favorite band, was playing an unadvertised concert at Duxbury High School's Performing Arts Center. So we went, and not a regret was had. Though we discovered we were essentially crashing a high school fundraiser for an organization founded by the band, Calling All Crows [link, we had a fantastic time. We wandered in as the second opener, a band from the high school, closed their set. There was one opener left, a band called "TAB the Band" [link], so we expected the crowd to stand in the small area functioning as a pit, while bands maneuvered. Instead they all went to their seats. [Picture, if you will, a high school theatre] This meant that we were able to maneuver to the front and stake places at the edge of the stage. Add into this combination that I was allowed to bring my camera in, and you will see just why my Saturday evening was a grand time.

State Radio, for those new to the game, is an alternative/folk rock band from Massachusetts. They have a chill feel, while maintaining a hard drive. Their lyrics are often of a sociopolitical message [Actually, they played the DNC with Rage Against The Machine]. They have a genre bending style, switching easily from slow to fast song, and the entire time carrying the stage with a powerful presence, making it clear they feel every lyric and chord.

Right Me Up
Fight No More

The Band is headed by a former member of the now retired Reggae-Rock band Dispatch [link], Chad Urmston. He leads the vocal lines on most songs, and plays the guitar, usually a well-loved 1958 Les Paul Junior, though for 3 songs he uses a modified Castrol can guitar. [Pictures below the cut]

Mike "Mad Dog" Najarian covers the drums. I have deep respect for him not only because he is an amazing drummer, but because he does so well with a basic kit. So many bands today have a drum set with like 10 drums around them, which they use to cheat out every sound. The sign of a truly talented drummer is the ability toget all of those noises out of a basic kit. </soap box> We more than once commented on getting lost watching him move and groove as the evening progressed.

Bringing the beats together, and supplying the driving bass line, or a smooth simple beat is bassist Chuck Fay. He manages all styles, and brings the line which supports everyone else, and when it comes to the front, he lets it shine with all his might, showing talent and skill.

And one more photo, to pull you into the cut:

Somewhere around 25 images. No more words. I promise. )

I know. I know. I should've gotten rid of more, and there should be less of chad. But I couldn't pick any to dispose of.

And here are some of the opener )
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I went to what may have been the best concert I've ever been to last night.

I have alot of photos to post later, and I'll also post the band, some mp3's, and a write-up of sorts.

But for now, I have 2 shots that mirror the last concerts. I may try to do this at every show. Or maybe just if artists keep having interesting shoe-aspects.

Todd Out.


Mar. 19th, 2009 12:42 am
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I decided to head to the middle east to get some experience shooting more concerts, and using the fiddy.

I ended up leaving early, and here's why:

I did get one image I liked though:

And an SP, before it all began:

And I did have fun, and gained an amusing story from it.
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Went to a Boston club, Church of Boston, and shot some photos.

It took some getting used to. I'm actually posting these bands in reverse order, I didn't even have any usable shots of the first band. None of them we're really terribly good... but it was fun to get practice. I got a used f/1.4 50mm lens. It's fun, but tricky for things like this.

Like 13 more, no I don't count )

And the basis for the new icon, from their bathroom:
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Today I went to see Jonathan Coulton in concert at the Paradise in Boston.

It was an amazing concert, well played, fun, great environment, and just an all around good time.

Because JoCo is fucking awesome, he lets people bring their cameras to concerts. I was able to creep up close and get some pictures next to a pillar before slinking back upstairs to get out of peoples way and enjoy the concert.

It was one of my top 5 concerts I've been to methinks... if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it.


All of these were taken between ISO 1600 and ISO 2000, so sorry bout the grain.

They may get a bit redundant... I'm okay with that.

[Jonathan Coulton's Web Site]

10 or so more photos here )

Youtube videos of a few selected songs:
Skullcrusher Mountain

RE: Your Brains

Code Monkey
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Guess Who's seeing Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish for the third time this summer?

Totally pumped, especially since Streetlight Manifesto is my favorite band, and their long (and I mean LONG) awaited new album will be out by the time they begin touring, according to promises from their website. Streetlight is the tightest band I have ever seen live. They're amazing. Also, RBF's new album: Monkey's for nothing and the chimps for free will be coming out on that EXACT DAY. Which is pretty damn cool, I think. I think that as they progress, their music is getting more FoE (Forces of Evil) - esque, which cannot be a bad thing

Oh and Less than Jake is touring with them. Which is cool, but they're no RBF or Streetlight
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On a side note - Happy Independence Day you Americans. Be proud of your past, remember, Bush isn't America. (More on the 4th (my favorite holiday) later)

This is about the AMAZING Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish Concert.


Best concert I've ever been too.

The Videos, which have been uploaded to google, have not yet been verified, so links will be provided both in an edit and in a later post. Unfortunately, due to mic placement, you can hear me screaming along (sometimes wrong lyrics) in like 5 out of 7 videos. ah well... its still a video.

So first of all, it was awesome to be able to be bouncing around singing your lungs out in a pit, then look to the left and see your cousin (ish) doing the same thing, and just grin and keep on rocking out.

In case certain people *cough* wanted to see all the pictures, even though a lot of them didn't turn out well... they're available here: ALL THE CONCERT PHOTOS, FULL SIZE!

The first band to play, the opener, was a band called: Whole Wheat Bread They were an all black Punk band. They rocked pretty hard. Solid beats, good music. (their purevolume stuff does them NO JUSTICE - Look for an mp3 of "Old Man Sampson" / "Police Song"

Next up was this band called Transitions. Aparently MxPx has taken them under their wing.

They were not good, but they had energy (as Matt pointed out) When they hannounced that they could play two more songs, everyone booed. I felt kinda bad for them.

Then the amazingness began.

That's right baby, Streetlight manifesto. Hells yeah. They rocked sooo hard... it was amazing. And they didn't waste they're time chatting, they came out, did they're rocking thang, and then went away. Two new songs (both of which I did not record as a video (damn!)) But let me tell you... their next CD is going to rock so hard! They did a point/counterpoint & Keasbey Medley, as well as It's a Wonderful Life, from BOTAR's album.
This is how far away I started:

And then I moshed my way up till I was ONE PERSON AWAY from the stage! ONE PERSON!!!!

Alot of the pictures are shitty, cause I was being moshed and such. but here goes with the Streetlight portion:
Yeeeah Trombone

Yeeeah Tom and Sax

Yeeah Bari Sax

Kinda the same as trombone one

They were so tight! The horns were solid and together, and they put on a f'awesome show! So awesome.

Next was Reel Big Fish.

They Rocked soo hard. They put on an f'ing awesome live show, man. so good. They act out stuff, and make the craziest facial expressions, and just plain dance along. They have energy and fun, and they too, were tight and together. They have a new live album coming out soon, which I will buy for the ninety versions of S.R. alone. Beasty Boys, jazz, bluegrass, country, emo, punk - every style EVAR.

They had more time than streetlight so I have more pics from them.

I wrote this song about you

I wrote this song about you

Just to let you know Second Trumpet/ Second vocalist

That I hate your guts

Let's hear it for the horns! They make ska ska!

If you want this longass bad boy cut, let me know.

I bounced before MxPx started because... well.. I kinda don't like them.
And turning around before I left, I saw that literally, 3/4 of the people had left the building. and there is no re-entry. Take THAT MxPx - you shouldn't be co-headlining, Streetlight should!

and thus... was the best concert, I have ever been to.
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Guess whos going to see Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish this summer?

Me! YES!

July 1st, in Providence.

Hells yeah.


I have but 10 minutes left to go till I'm free for the weekend!


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