Jun. 22nd, 2011 02:50 pm
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Today was the birthday party event! My roommates threw it for me, and we had a grand time. There was a mass amount of dancing, singing, beer pong, flip cup, happiness, invisible kittens, tap dancing, family, friends, dinosaurs, bears, beer, and joy. I deem it a wild success.

In Which we are Prepared for my birthday party

In Which we are Prepared for my birthday party


May. 31st, 2011 01:37 pm
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  • black and tan

I had band practice, and then I got a beer with Justin. Where I had an idea for a project I'm calling the "presence" project.

  • Justin. [the inception of the presence project]


May. 16th, 2011 06:11 pm
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Jeff, a beer, and a sunny day off

It was Patriots Day, so Jeff and I literally spent the day watching Doctor Who and working on side projects, then sat on the porch and read and drank beer. then watched more Doctor Who. The end of the day I went to knitting, the end.

Erick at Diesel

Self-Portrait with Luis' Glasses


Apr. 19th, 2011 09:24 am
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Mint Julep at Rendezvous

Lets see. More no sleep [yay], woke up and played guitar for a bit, free beers at work, big presentation at work that went well, and in which I actually started falling asleep. Big US lawsuit against our 3 biggest competitors [yay], dinner at rendezvous with my friend Justin, then home, where I actually, finally fell asleep. It was glorious. I fell asleep at like 9, and for the most part stayed asleep until 7:30.

Bread at Rendezvous

Gnocchi at Rendezvous

moar photos )


Apr. 14th, 2011 06:30 pm
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Self-Portrait in Dodgeball attire

Well, I got my new laptop yesterday! HOORAY! It's super pretty, but it came into work, and we're in a super crunch period now, and I knew if I opened it I would get nothing done, so I ignored it until after work, when we had dodgeball, which went amazingly. In fact, I lasted like 4 minutes alone against the most... scary team in the league - one maneuver included a wall run. Yes that's pride you sense. After dodgeball, and the standard post-dodgeball beers with the kids, went home and set up my new laptop. Watched some being human, and failed at sleeping again.

Terry and a rainy day

Jeff and Kari at Dodgeball

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Apr. 13th, 2011 11:11 pm
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Pretty standard day. Woke up, work, made dinner, band rehearsal, sleep. Managed to slam my head into the ceiling during band rehearsal, that was stupid. Oh well. How you doing?

Veggieburgers for dinner

Beers and Band Rehearsal

Dirty Water Brass Band


Apr. 10th, 2011 05:01 pm
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Self-Portrait without heads and feet

Today I woke up, and the weather was perfect. I opened all the windows in the apartment, cleaned all our dishes, and decided with Mike that the next day we would have the first barbecue of the season, then went to the porch, where, after finding some vegetarian grilling recipes [Jeff and I gave up meat for lent, and Mike's a vegetarian, so while I made hamburgers for all the carnivores [TORTUROUS], I wanted plenty of veggie options], I re-read my favorite book, The Giver for the 35th time. Then joined Mike on a ride to Kendall Cinema, where we took in I Am. It was interesting. From there, home for a bit more porch time, beer and a [veggie]burger, then went to Ian's birthday dinner/gathering. Scene it is a terrible game.

Cookbook rifling on the porch.

Mike on a bike

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Apr. 9th, 2011 04:49 pm
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Today was an exasperating day at work, followed by some really important conversation. After which I decided it was time to get Mexican and a margarita - I felt like eating out, it seemed like a good response to the day. My friend Justin joined me at Rudy's, my favorite local Mexican place. [introduced to me by the ever-knowledgable [livejournal.com profile] bix02138] Around this, video games, T.V. and taking care of le sick roommate.


My Libation
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Apr. 7th, 2011 11:51 am
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Kari Queries The Beer.

Yesterday was dodgeball playoffs for our league... except that our team didn't make playoffs [we're out for fun]. So we had our own playoffs at home: Boggle, Uno, and a few other card games. It was a really pleasant evening. I'm glad it was chill, I didn't have the energy for anything more.

Escalator Pieces in Davis Square


I'm ready for TWO parties.
Two of us were prepared for a party, anyway!

just a grilled cheese sandwich and some focus on the beer. [photos I'm keeping for the journal aspect but that you won't care about] )
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Today I got up at an abhorrently early hour, and drove to Texas. Just short of a 12 hour drive. I managed to amuse myself pretty heavily with billboards, twitter and my camera. Let me tell you a little something about Missouri! There are about ninety billion billboards for Meramec Caverns. That is not even a horribly large exaggeration. In fact, I counted at some point, and within 1 minute, I went past 15. Also high on my enjoyment list was going past a billboard for the Precious Moments headquarters, that advertised it as the "Sistine Chapel of the U.S." If only I'd had time to stop and visit this no doubt miraculous and frightening gift to the American public. Not just that, but I passed the Vacuum Museum. And a sign that offered Bulls For Rent! [anyone want to go halfsies!?]

Oklahoma was not nearly as boring as I'd imagined. They have gas stations that have dinosaurs on them: Sinclair. And the speed limit is 75. It probably helps that I got terrifyingly lost for the first time. No maps and my gps was failing. So I drove amongst the corn fields as my gas approached empty 'til I somehow found a gas station and the highway. Terry helped pump the gas. The Texas Border Came! and with it a nice round of rain and cold - immediately shattering every image of Texas I had. This was saved by a billboard for sporting goods, gifts, and christian supplies. [Yes. Really.]

I landed at Jerry's! Some of you may remember him from his LJ days, when he ruled the interwebs as [livejournal.com profile] dinoadventures. We've been pretty well in touch the entire time, talking pretty much every day, and it was nice to meet up with him again. I no sooner touched base than we were OFF with a night of awesome planned.

First, we went to his rock gym! We both climb alot, so it just made sense to go together. These photos are by Jerry, and I haven't asked permission yet.

From there, he took me to a Texas Burger place, where I quickly learned what a horrible job we do making burgers in the north east. Holy Crap you guys. Hollly Crap. They are wide instead of thick, and they taste like awesome. Just kinda blew my head away.


After this, we traveled our way to The Flying Saucer home of tons and tons of beer. Here, Jerry introduced me to all kind's of local beer I couldn't have tried in cambridge-land before we retired to his 'partment to sleep and prepare for the next morning!
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Day 249/365 [Year 2]

Happy birthday Keith.

These are for you.

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Day 239/365 [Year 2]

Day 2 in Chicago!

Today involved a brunch at a local place called Blackie's, which proved to be rather tasty. From there a day of wandering and adventure. Hopped on the train and made our way north to boystown [the gaybourhood], and explored the various shops. Saw Wrigley's from the behind on our way, and walked. It started out drizzling, but turned into a very nice day for wandering. Stopped at an Ann Sathers to try their much-talked-about Cinnamon Rolls, then hopped on the El and made our way back down. After this we got together with one of Lewis' old friends Joanne, and headed into town to grab food and see a show at Steppenwolfe, both of which were tasty. The food involved tasting a local brewery's work, and the Steppenwolfe show was a presentation of 500 Clown's performance The Elephant Deal. I think Lewis penned it best by saying that he really enjoyed it, although he is not entirely sure he understood it.


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Day 220/365 [Year 2]

Today I ran a 5K the bar I'm somewhat standard at was hosting, which ended in a free beer garden.

Proving that I will do close to anything for free beer.

[I did 29:20, my goal was under 30]

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Day 218/365 [Year 2]

Met up with Juli, Shannon, and Twon at Boston Beer Works.

Delish, and an all-around good time!

Also, my flash came out again.



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