Oct. 22nd, 2012

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I think this is just a formality at this point, isn't it? I've been missing here for a long time, with a few fatal fleeting attempts to restore my activity here to something consistent.

Many if not not most of you I've already found elsewhere, be it facebook, tumblr, twitter even real face to face life! - we've all explored other pastures in some ways, though they're not greener, some different in better or worse ways.

LiveJournal changed my life in a lot of really critical ways, and you, the population there-of and your sharing of your lives with me, your feedback to my outpourings and photos helped me become a different, better person. also a more knowledgable person. When I started here I was a freshman in college, still angsting over how to get into the improv group at my school, and rambling about fake crushes, heavily closeted as I was. I'm now out, happily relationshipped, working as a professional adult [at manhunt of all places] - in track to get more and more involved with the local improv setup, in a band, pretty much well-adjusted and tons of other good stuff! I know how to use a film camera and a digital camera, and I even know what the fancy buttons are. I'm not afraid to talk to bears, or people in general, and I'm not generally afraid of getting touched. I've met some amazing people, hell, became the best man at an LJ couple's wedding. Traveled the entire country with your hospitality, I challenged myself to do tons of stuff I'd never imagined myself doing. And a lot of it was thanks to the push and inspiration to move on. However, it's time to be honest with myself, and I've built myself a world where I don't spend as much time doing long form documentation or writing about what I've done, I spend much more time doing. I don't think that's a bad thing, but with it comes the self-realization that I just won't be focusing here very much.

Thanks, all of you, for everything. I just did a read-through of my list, and realized how much I miss scanning through it, but I know I'll just lose track in another two weeks, so I'm gonna stop pretending that I'll be active again.

I'm going to keep this public for some time, I'm just officially resigning myself to the fact that I won't be checking in. But that doesn't mean we can't still talk - I'm around on TONS of other mediums. Here's a helpful list of places to find me:

THP EVERY DAY - this will be holding one photo for every day, but is currently empty
Personal website
[and more - if you're wondering if I'm on something-or-other, drop a comment here and I'll let you know. chances are my username is thethp]

Love y'all, So long and thanks for all the fish.



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